Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dear Leader Begging For The 2016 Summer Olympics-Get Ready For More American Humiliation

While our commander-in-chief, the Dear Leader, President Obama, seems to not be able to deal with real foreign policy crisis, he is finding time to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to beg for the 2016 Summer Olympics for his so-called hometown of Chicago.
Some of our friends on the right side such as Jim Geraghty and Ramesh Ponneru at National Review think that this is a formality. That the trip the Dear Leader, President Obama, and First Lady, Michelle Obama, are making is just icing on the cake.
Allow me to offer a contrarian point of view on this topic.
Chicago will not be awarded the 2016 Summer Olympics. That I believe is already a done deal.
Other than Chicago, the other finalists are Tokyo, Rio de Janiero and Madrid. The smart money says that this is Tokyo's to lose. But, my hunch is that it will be awarded to either Madrid or Rio de Janiero.
But imagine that an American president, in what is an unprecedented move, goes to state his case to the International Olympic Committee. In this case it is the Dear Leader, President Obama, going to make a case for his adopted home town of Chicago getting these games. I am certain that the Dear Leader will not expand on this activity that takes place in the Windy City on a daily basis. Can't ruin the narrative, don'tcha know!
After the Dear Leader's wondrous words flowing through the aid of the teleprompter, the IOC makes its decision and. . .it is not Chicago.
Once again, the Dear Leader, President Obama, will have failed by his words alone to change people's minds. And he will have diminished the prestige of the office of President of the United States. It will be as if the Dear Leader is nothing more than a pimp for getting the 2016 Summer Olympics for his adopted hometown of Chicago.
And, he will have failed.
No, I think that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is on a rescue mission that is two-fold.
First, it is a wonderful respite from the pressures of actually having to be the president. Ah, all this about socialized health care, so-called economic "stimulus" that is true Voodoo Economics, how Iran will not only have nukes, but the weaponry to deliver them. Chuck it for a day. I have to make sure my homies in Chi Town are taken care of, says the Dear Leader.
Second, he will believe that he, the Dear Leader, will ride in on the Unicorn of Hope and deliver the greatest speech the IOC has ever heard about why Chicago should get the 2016 Summer Olympics. And, like his recent trip to the United Nations, it will be all for naught.
No, I very much disagree with those who believe that it is all in the bag and the Summer Olympics will return to American soil in 2016.
It will be one more chance for an international group to rub the United States' nose in the dirt. And they will, no doubt, get an assist from the Dear Leader, President Obama.

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