Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who Should Be The Republican National Committe Chair?

That is the poll question in the side bar.
I limited it to four names yet five choices. There is the infamous "Other".
If you chose other, come back and say who that should be.
FTR, I like the dual Gingrich/Steele choice.


Nikki said...

I think Newt would be great. I don't really thing he would do well running on a national ticket because of his passed indiscretions, much like Rudy. But he is smart and tough! I think its a perfect fit for the Newtster. :)N

Donald Douglas said...

It should really be Steele, who is new and who can reach out more genuinely to the black community, and hopefully Latinos as well.

Pat Jenkins said...

i am suprised you like newt 64. especially after your post of wanting to "clean house" in congress of the old leadership?... well i will say new blood is needed. becuase a new "direction" of consevatisim is going to be called upon!!!

Righty64 said...

The reason I like Newt is for the ideas. He is always thinking and is a real conservative intellectual who has actually governed. Now, Michael Steele is the future. He represents those that will implement the conservative agenda that would be set in motion by Newt. That is why I like them as a team.