Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Anti-Palin Sniping

It appears that some Republican governors feelings are hurt because of the attention that the media is paying to Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
As the Republican governors meet in Miami, some are sniping at Gov. Palin and telling a network that no one watches, CNN, that they were uncomfortable with the news conference that was held this morning.
Here is a clue.
I am all but certain that one who had no guts to go on the record was Minnesota governor Tim Palwenty. I am certain of that because Gov. Palwenty was one of the earliest elected officials to support the failure that was the John McCain candidacy. And I am certain that he is trying to cut her off so that he can make a run at the Republican nomination in 2012.
What is amazing is that almost every bit of the no-names that keep going to the DDBMSOWM crowd get whacked for making up stuff about Gov. Palin.
If any of these governors want to become leaders within the Republican party, step up now and take on Gov. Palin. And, say who you are.
Again, if you are like me, you realize that all of this was done to one Ronald Wilson Reagan. In 1968 when there was a draft-Reagan group trying to stop Richard Nixon from becoming the GOP presidential nominee. In 1976 when then former governor Reagan went up against then Vice-President Ford. In 1980 when he won the GOP nod and beat the peanut farmer, Jimmah.
I think that Gov. Palin makes the establishment scared. And they should be. Because she is doing what smart people do. Articulate issues and use common sense, conservative solutions. Does anyone think that President-elect Obama and company have real answers to the energy situation? Gov. Palin does.
People. Get over yourselves. Gov. Palin is the leader of the Republican party. Time to either offer someone else or get out of the way. And, stop being chickens when you go to your DDBMSOWM friends.


Erik Grow said...

I'm telling you Mark... careful what you wish for. I know the arch-conservatives love her, but, wow. She has a vast amount of edumacation to obtain first before she can even be credible on the national stage. I relish the thought of her going up against Obama in 2012. I think someone else will prevail in the primary. Maybe she will be veep nominee again. President though? I highly doubt it though. Do you see Romney picking her if he wins?

Righty64 said...

I know that you do not think a lot of Gov. Palin. But I ask that you have an open mind and judge her on overall policy. Remember, four years ago very few people thought that there would be a black president. And, she will be able to bone up on some of the topics that may not be her strong suits. If Mitt Romney runs again, I am not sure that Gov. Palin would run. Position wise, I think she is in a better one to get the nomination in 2012 over Mitt. Oh, don't forget, President-elect Obama will have a record to run on then and it may not be all that great. Events have a way of overtaking the best laid plans.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

The future of your political party.

Righty64 said...

Mr. Snarkle. Nothing, I mean nothing is ever that permanent. I am certain that you thought when Clinton won in 1992, that was it for the GOP. Look what happened. Statistics only go so far. Events often determine who wins elections. BTW, explain how in lefty California, with the help of black Obama voters, Prop 8 passed? I can hardly wait for your pointless answer.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

I am certain that you thought when Clinton won in 1992, that was it for the GOP.

So, you're saying not only can you read minds, but that you can also go back in time? A little less certainty might serve you better.

And if you can 'hardly wait' for a response from me which you believe will be 'pointless,' why even ask for one?

I think it'll be very interesting to watch the ongoing events regarding your attempt to enshrine hate in the California state constitution.

Just as you say nothing's permanent, which is what I believe you are trying to say, though awkwardly, it's also true that nothing happens overnight.

How many years passed between Brown v Board of Education, the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts, the actual ability of African Americans to register and vote, and the election of African American officeholders?

How many deaths and defeats occurred in that struggle? How many political realignments? How many people still, today in 2008, resent and resist the deep changes behind those events?

You can say that "statistics only go so far," but the same can't be said of clear and obvious trends.

I'm much less interested in individual numbers than I am in where they point to.

You ignore people like Tom Pawlenty, and faun over the likes of Bible Spice, at your own peril.

But denial is a powerful seducer.

DoorHold said...

Righty and Sarah, sittin' in a tree ...

I voted for Palin -- andtheguysheranwith -- but in four years? Who knows?

Do you recall who you were rootin' for four years AGO?

Righty64 said...

I was rootin' for President Bush. But, eight years ago, I was for Steve Forbes. Yea, I go for those that can explain the economy well. Forbes, Romney. But Gov. Palin, I saw that she is one of those rarities. A candidate who has lived a pretty normal life. Under the laws put forth by the politicians. And, like Ronald Reagan, she is going to grow into a person that will be able to connect more and more with the people.

DoorHold said...

" Ronald Reagan, she is going to grow into a person that will be able to connect more and more with the people."

I guess I can see that happening, IF she is able to handle the critics as well as Reagan did. But I also wouldn't be surprised (or blame her) if she retreats back into her job and stays out of the national spotlight.

Forbes, huh? Interesting choice. I also liked his financial credentials, but his political experience has been, uh, a bit spotty. (Yeah, I meant eight years ago, thanks for figuring that out.)