Saturday, November 01, 2008

An Open Thread: Why Are You FOR John McCain?

Here it is part II!
It is your chance to give your reasons for supporting the Republican nominee for president, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain.
As in the other open thread "Why Are You FOR Barack Obama", a couple of guidelines.
First, do not use this to bash Sen. Messiah Barack Obama. Or President Bush. I really want to know why you are for the senior senator from Arizona.
Second. Be clean! You can show your support for your candidate without going into the gutter.
As I wrote in the other open thread, I really do want to know why you are for Sen. "F--- You" McCain.
And, it is not some exercise. It is to get a real understanding of those who support who ever they do and why they show that support.
So, here is your chance. Have fun!

*****Do not forget. If you are for Barack Obama for president, please go to Why Are You For Barack Obama?*****


Nikki said...

righty, great question! I am for McCain because his ideology is much closer to mine than the other option. I like his foreign policy world view and I think Obama is a European appeasing communist! And a liberal victimologist. Anyone who sympathizes with terrorists is weird. :)N

Straight Talk on McCain said...

When will the real McCain finally stand up to Obama?

Righty64 said...

Straight Talk. I do not mind that you are pushing your own blog. But, the point of this thread is why you are FOR, not against, Sen. McCain. Just as I have the same exact thread on Sen. Obama. As much as I am here dragged and screaming, I do not see this as much of a choice. But, both threads are to be why you would be for either candidate. It is a positive attempt to have some dialouge.

DoorHold said...

Like too many people, my vote for McCain is (was) a vote AGAINST Obama. I would have preferred almost any nominee OTHER than McCain, but, at least he's NOT Obama.

Should be an interesting four years.