Monday, November 17, 2008

Social Conservatives Did NOT Cost Sen. McCain The Election

Despite the left's greatest attempts to try to say otherwise, in the American Spectator online today, G. Tracy Meehan points out that social conservatives did not cost Sen. John McCain the presidency in the past election.
In fact, Mr. Meehan points out that social conservatives are the Republican party's most loyal set of voters. Much more than social and or economic libertarians and even better than national security voters.
Mr. Meehan points out that it is very true that a coalition has to add new members. But, one does not throw out the successful parts of that coalition in vain hopes that somehow the new parts of this coalition will offset those that are chased out.
Here is a difference between conservatives and liberals.
Conservatives do debate each other on critical issues. No doubt that there are many conservatives that support same-sex marriage and those who support traditional marriage. Same with the life issue. Some conservatives are genuinely pro-choice and obviously some are pro-life. Some like big government conservatism, many conservatives do not.
Because we have these debates, people on the other side assume we are going to come apart at the seems. And, for a time we might. But overall, conservatives unite on core issues. And, scapegoating is very easy after an election like the one that we just concluded.
But, we will unite when the time is right and that will be 2010, just in time for the congressional mid-term elections.


Pat Jenkins said...

you conservatives even let a liberal democrat "join" the party for awhile... yours truly joe leiberman...

Righty64 said...

HA! Good one! Too bad that Sen. Joe did not have the good sense to come on over to our side! I am just so tired of the diviseness with these people. I am a CONSERVATIVE Republican-economic, national security/foreign policy and social conservative. The Great Man was all three. Given time, Gov Palin will be able to fill that role. But we have got to stop trying to throw whole groups overboard.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

So, what 'core issues' do 'conservatives' agree on, if they're not abortion, gay marriage, or the size and scope of government?

The rest of your post doesn't make any sense, either, but I thought I'd just pick one part to ask you about.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

BTW, congratulations.

Righty64 said...

Hey, Mr. Snarkle, I am GLAD that Sen. Stevens lost his reelection. He was convicted of a crime and should have resigned. This is a problem that my party should not tolerate and when we do, we deserve to be kicked to the curb.

DoorHold said...

I think it's funny (and telling) that liberals won't understand what you're talking about.

What? Everyone doesn't agree on everything? What? There's genuine debate over issues? What? It's OK if you don't agree? That's crazy-talk!