Sunday, November 09, 2008

Life DOES Go On

Now that the election season is over, it is time to think about a lot things that are really important in the life of your humble blogger.
For instance, now I can concentrate on sports.
I have the seeming indignity of being a Cleveland Browns fan. Both I and II. And, once again, they are giving me a lot of heartburn and heartache as it appears that they will probably not make the NFL playoffs again.
Oh, it does not get any better when it comes to college football.
It is very tough to be a UCLA Bruins fan this season. With new coach Rick Neuheisel, a former UCLA quarterback, there was the feeling of, dare I write this, hope and change. Well, throw that hope out the window. And the change is that the beloved Bruins are losing games by blowouts this season. And once again, all that a Bruins fan can hope for is that when it comes to the showdown with hated, I mean hated, crosstown rivals USC, is a good ol' fashioned UCLA butt-kicking. As an aside, I should note that the president of USC attends my church and knows that your humble blogger is a Bruins fan.
And of course there is the National Hockey League and yes, the self-flagellation continues as I continue to follow the Los Angeles Kings as they try to stay out of not only their division cellar but the Western conference cellar as well. Another aside, does anyone who follows hockey remember when the divisions and conferences were named after famed NHL builders, like Conn Smythe? I like that better than the generic geographical divisions.
But, it is being able to think about something else other than politics that is so good!
And, there is Thanksgiving coming up. A wonderful time that Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I will have family together and take a little trip to the desert.
Most important is Christmas, my personal favorite time of the year. Last year it was sullied by politics of the Iowa and New Hampshire variety and the "Christmas" television ads. YUCK! It could have been enough to spoil Christmas.
And it is a time to get stuff done around the house that one has put off for a long time.
So, really, life does go on, win or lose.
What is important is what we chose to make of our own individual lives and how we share that with those around us.
We do not need to have politics always get in the way. And it should not. And, if one has family that does not agree with your politics, there is a lot more to talk about and that is more worthwhile. Dennis Prager says it best that it is not worth ruining family relationships over what one's politics are. AGREED!
So, no matter who you were for in this past election and no matter your party, take time to remember that we have so much in our lives and it is what we make of it that counts.
And, there are only four months to the baseball season!


Pat Jenkins said...

way to put things in perspective 64. sports trumps all baby!!!... and to answer your hockey question, yes i do!!

Righty64 said...

Thank goodness someone else remembers the old NHL division/conference names!

Erik Grow said...

Indeed life does go on, Mark! I'm a 49ers fan, so I feel your pain about being a fan of a bad team. We came one yard from winning last night. Ugh. At least Mike Singletary is entertaining!

The t-shirt I would like from our little wager is in size Large, and in blue. I would send you my address, but I don't see your email listed here. My email is on my profile on my blog, so just email me. Thanks again Mark for being a good sport, and for being a great deal less reactionary than many of your ideological brethren! Talk to you soon.