Wednesday, November 12, 2008

52-48 Wants To Love Conservatives, Republicans Again. . .Not So Fast!

Below are some photos from a group that calls itself 52-48 and reason it is called this is the original margin of victory that President-elect Obama had over Sen. John McCain. It is a strange effort to have spent the last eight years bashing the current president, George W. Bush and now that their guy has won, all is A-OK. See for yourself:

How nice of them now to realize that we are actually one nation. I especially like the gal that has a rather constipated look on her face as she holds up the sign "We are all in this TOGETHER" and the O is in the Obama campaign logo. Nice. Get that last dig in that your guy won.

But I think that the real reason this is being done is the sentiment of this gentleman:

Now, this is what their message is really all about.

A stunning admission by one of the contributors that he was a loon and was crazy for the last eight years that President Bush was in office.

For some reason, too many of these people did not know their civics and that we do not elect a president by popular vote. Thus, in 2000 when then Gov. Bush won the electoral college with 271 votes because he won Florida, the same apes--- people tried to out and out steal the election in Florida. And, when they failed from that point on, as the gentleman notes, they went apes---.

In 2004, not only did President Bush win the electoral college, he won the popular vote as well. That was 51-48.

Where were these people then? I do not remember seeing this on the Internet then. Most were probably believing that somehow President Bush stole the vote in Ohio when he won that state outright by over 118,000 votes.

Oh, but now their guy wins, and with a heavy cloud of voter registration fraud, we should all kiss and make up as if the past eight years never happened.

Excuse me while I finish yakking in the porcelain bowl!

Look, here is the Right View From The Left Coast ground rules for the next four years.

Sen. Barack Obama will be the president. He will be my president. I will respect him as such. I will respect the office that he upholds. While we are at war, he is the commander-in-chief and deserves a stronger effort of respect on my part. But, do not mistake that for timidity. I will not be quiet when I believe that President-elect Obama is wrong. I will try to marshal the people to redress the government when there are actions made by either the president or congress when I believe that they are detrimental to the American people. But I will do so with more respect and honor than many of these 52ers did to the current president. Because I believe in the American way and that way is to address our concerns in a legal manner. Not like a mob.

So, I will do this with you, 52ers. I will trust your sentiment-but verify that you keep your word when we disagree. To paraphrase, that is what another president that drew the ire of the left, Ronald Reagan said. Trust, but verify.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Well, I certainly don't share this whole 52/48 sentiment.

I believe that all of the folks who supported Bush should now read Dostoevsky's 'Crime and Punishment.'

Then, after contemplating its meaning every day in their cells for seven years, they might be redeemed.

But not until then.

Pat Jenkins said...

well said 64. oh how civilized the left has now become... cowards!!!

DoorHold said...

So BDS/PDS has gone into remission? Good for them! I wish them well, may they maintain their mental health (for at least the next four years, anyway).