Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Islamofacsist Terror Strikes India

Above is the Taj Mahal hotel in Bombay, now known as Mumbai, India. Today Islamofacsist terrorists struck the financial capital of India with a vengeance killing at this point 80 people and injuring hundreds.
There is great blogging coverage over at Gateway Pundit with a link to a television crew that was caught in the crossfire of violence gripping Mumbai.
According to Fox News Channel, a little-known Islamofacsist group known as Deccan Mujaheddin
is taking responsibility for the rain of terror.
The terrorists struck at numerous locations in Mumbai including the central train station and it appears that Westerners and especially British and Americans were the targets.
It appears that the terrorists did not get the memo that this is the era of hope and change. That the new American president-in-waiting, Barack Obama, is willing to talk to any one, any where, any time and with no preconditions. Preparation, yes, preconditions, no.
What this event shows is that the War Against Islamofacsist Terror is real and did not change just because the American people voted for President-elect Obama. That the tactics may have changed is something that needs to be considered. We can not think that an event like this can't happen in the United States.
Let us hope that the Indian anti-terror police can restore order, kill or arrest as many terrorists as possible and find out who is really behind this wave of terror.


DoorHold said...

Does this kind of violence accomplish anything? Are groups that engage in this just using politics as an excuse to murder? Would they just find another excuse to continue their rampages if everyone gave in to their demands every time?

It's just beyond my comprehension.

Donald Douglas said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mark.

Best wishes to you and yours.