Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Is Not The Solution To The GOP Problems

Our esteemed governor here in the not-so Golden State, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a wonderful, new proposal to "remake" the Republican party.
Just give up on fiscal responsibility!
In an interview with CNN over the weekend, the alleged Republican governor said that the Republican party is too ideologically bound by being against government spending.
According to the Los Angeles Times, this is what Gov. Benedict Arnold told CNN:

"I think the important thing for the Republican Party is now to also look at other issues that are very important for this country and not to get stuck in ideology," "Let's go and talk about health care reform. Let's go and . . . fund programs if they're necessary programs and not get stuck just on the fiscal responsibility."

So, the reason for being a Republican just really does not matter? That is what Gov. Benedict Arnold is saying. And his moronic plan to raise the state sales tax for three years is just a start.
The reason there is a GOP is to keep a check on this kind of abuse of the taxpayer. I am not an economist, but I know that you don't raise regressive taxes in a recession in which people are not inclined to buy products that might add to the state coffers.
Let's see, throw out the social issues, check.
Throw out "fiscal responsibility", check.
Then, what is different from the Democrat party?
Oh, silly me, I forgot that we need to lessen business regulation and be tough on crime.
But, again, I ask, what is all that different from a garden variety Democrat?
The problem with Gov. Benedict Arnold is that he ran for governor on a lark. And, to be fair, he did try to reform some aspects of governance in the beginning. But even that effort was half-assed. By putting four competing measures on the ballot in 2003, and calling a special statewide election, he muddied the waters and those opposed to his reforms cleaned his clock. And then, the transformation began.
And now, we see what his brand of Republicanism hath brought to California.
As I noted in an earlier post, over one million potential McCain voters that voted for President Bush in 2004 stayed home or voted for President-elect Obama.
People just are not enthusiastic about supporting a party that has no rudder. Gov. Benedict Arnold is saying, lets just spend money, start new programs because the "people" want them. He does not tell us where the money comes from.
We Republicans are having a serious debate about our future. What Gov. Benedict Arnold is suggesting is a non-starter. If one talks fiscal responsibility, one must look at what that means. It appears that Gov. Benedict Arnold did not do that for look at the ridiculousness of his comment.
I will note this about Gov. Benedict Arnold.
Gov. Benedict Arnold has shared many times that when he was in Austria, he watched then-President Nixon on television touting the free-enterprise system. Too bad that Mr. Nixon did a lot to end it! When Arnold came to the states, it was Richard Nixon's approach to government that attracted him to the GOP. Never does Gov. Benedict Arnold tout Ronald Reagan, who did transform the GOP and made it a majority party.
That says it all. And, we only have two more years of this nonsense.
Hmm, maybe the rumors that President-elect Obama wants him as a globaloney warming czar could be true and we could be delivered from the errors of our ways and Gov. Benedict Arnold can take his road show to Washington.
Now, that is change I can believe in!


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Arnold in the Obama administration?

Not a chance.

Arnold's drowning, sure. Why should anybody toss him a ring?

I hope you devote all of your efforts to insuring that Bible Spice goes for the gold in 2012. Definitely shine the spotlight on her, and on other candidates just like her.

That's your ticket. Please, go for it.

Righty64 said...

Actually, Mr. Snarkle, I did read somewhere that it was a possibility that Gov. Benedict Arnold could go to the Obama administration. Actually, it IS my ticket to promote Gov. Palin in '12. I think that the United States will tire of the Carter retread and look for a new leader that puts American interests first over the view of the international community.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Actually, it IS my ticket to promote Gov. Palin in '12.

Awesome. Wonderful news. Give it all you've got - 110%. I hope you succeed in getting her at the top of the ticket.

It'll be rough - Romney, Huckabee, and probably Newt are already gearing up, as is Ron Paul. This one's for all the marbles, so don't pull any punches.

Some of the most astute political pundits who've ever breathed seem to agree with you, including the ever-talented Dick Morris -


Ron Simpson said...

I see Snarkle still haunts conservative blogs spouting his bile. Snarkle, go away.
Righty, what would you expect out of a man that married into the Kennedys?
Ahnuld is doing exactly what I expected he would do.

Pat Jenkins said...

benedict arnold i love it!!... isn't his fifteen minutes of fame up yet?