Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is It Conservatives Fault The One Is President?

The latest column by Right Wing News' John Hawkins is a serious indictment on conservatives and the lack of willingness of some to stick it out like liberals do.
Here is what I would call the money quote of this piece:

However, the greatest flaw conservatives have is that when we get frustrated with the performance of the Republican Party, we have a tendency to pick up our ball and go home. “Well, if they do that, then I’m not giving any money, I’m not helping any campaigns this year, and I’m not voting.”

In listening to talk radio as I do and did during this past election season, I can not tell you how many callers would tell any given host a similar line. In the Republican primaries, most were looking for the perfect conservative. Since there is and has never been such an animal, I looked at all the candidates and found Mitt Romney to be the best of the lot. But, he did not win the nomination. Again, I want to write this like a broken record. Conservatives did not unite against one candidate and Sen. John "F--- You" McCain emerged as the Republican nominee. And when Sen. "F---" McCain won, the chorus of the “Well, if they do that, then I’m not giving any money, I’m not helping any campaigns this year, and I’m not voting.” got louder and louder. And even when Sen. "F--- You" McCain nominated Gov. Sarah Palin, there were still holdouts.
It is exactly this attitude that means when a moderate does win as did Sen. "F--- You" McCain, when fellow conservatives pick up the marbles and go home, it either hands the election to Sen. Barack Obama or if he had won, Sen. "F--- You" McCain would have not felt that he owed conservatives anything.
The interesting aspect of Ronald Reagan is that he realized he needed a lot of people. And, some were not conservative as he. In fact, some where not really conservatives at all. It took amazing leadership.
And, that is what conservatives are looking for. Someone to unite all factions, social, foreign policy/national security and fiscal conservatives.
But, it may mean that we all have to take a role. That means we have to find and cultivate someone that understands what conservatism means and is not ashamed to speak the truth.
The good thing about being out of power, it recalibrates that focus and we are now on that lookout and realizing that there are a lot of good leaders in our midst. The key is sticking it out and not worrying about setbacks. They happen. We can take a lesson from the other side.
And, Mr Hawkins explains how to do that.

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skeneogden said...

The base slit their own throats when they split their votes between, Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee during the primaries. This allowed McCain to pick up a large enough number of delegates in the early states to make him appear viable.

We shot ourselves in the foot on this one and now we have the potentially most liberal president of all time about to take office.

If we conservatives don't do something to pull the party together there is a real chance the party could split and become irrelevant for years, if not decades, to come.

It will take a truly special person to take on the mantle of the conservative cause. Any suggestions out there?