Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Links And Comments For Your Reading Pleasure

I am somewhat lazy tonight and will just send you to some links that you may enjoy with a little commentary.
The first link is this excellent column in the Wall Street Journal by Daniel Henninger. Take this away from what he is writing. Religion is important to keeping business on the straight and arrow. It is sort of a "take that!" response to Kathleen "Keep your faith to yourself" Parker.
Next link is Hugh Hewitt's latest column on the 2012 election, yes I know why so late! Interesting take on Rush Limbaugh's infamous "Operation Chaos" that almost gave Sen. Hillary Clinton the Democrat presidential nod. It is another argument that large population states should go earlier in the nominating caucus and or primaries. I agree about closing primaries to Republicans only or at most independents.
Again, on the religion meets the real world front, it appears that Pope Benedict wrote about the current economic crisis way back in 1985 when he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Read it and you be the judge.
In the Y A W N category, Guns 'N Roses is finally releasing its latest album. It took only 17 years to make. I wonder if Axl Rose is still alive?! Let's be honest. G 'N R were great back in the day. They staved off the grunge rebellion into the 1990s. But now and sooooo long in the making, it just does not make any sense.
Well, that does it in links around the world tonight.

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Pat Jenkins said...

64 i was in walmart the other day and of course they are the only outlet who is selling the new ac/dc album. and on the dispay it had the header - rock again. and i said to myself yes how great it would be to rock again. i hope chinese domocracy does rock again as well!!!