Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good News From The Left Coast For A Change

It is amazing, but San Francisco radio station KGO has fired Charles Karel Anthony after his rant of wanting Joe the Plumber killed in the heat of the just passed presidential campaign.
Remember Joe the Plumber is the Ohio man that dared to ask President-elect Obama about his tax plan and in an instant invigorated the McCain campaign.
Well, Karel thought that his mike was turned off one weekend evening and while the news was being broadcast, one could hear ol' Karel in the background saying that he wanted Joe the Plumber "f---ing" killed.
Well, first of all, as much as Karel may have not liked the way that the Joe the Plumber phenomenon took off, he should not wish the man any harm. This is the problem with those on the left. They get emotional and have no thought about anything that they say or do.
Second, never ever assume that your mike will be off during a break. Supposedly, the engineer had told Karel that the mike was off. Well, I would take the caution that it may not be off and just act like he is still on the air.
Karel did not and he went off on a rant and he paid the correct price for it.
Now, in the article in the San Francisco Examiner, it is noted that Karel is openly gay. What was amazing his that he was the only openly gay radio talk show host in San Francisco. And of course Karel seems to think that there is some sinister plot against him. He notes that Proposition eight passed and now he is off the air. And, he blames an inexperienced engineer for telling him that the mike was off.
Here is something for Karel to think about while he is out of his radio gig.
One, don't blame other people for your mistake. What you said while you thought you were off the air is what you think. Examine that position rather than blaming an engineer. The engineer did not make you say the offensive remark.
Second, realize that while you do not have to take yourself seriously, take what you say seriously. Remember, there are some real whack jobs out there that may have heard what you said and taken it to heart and really might have gone after Joe the Plumber. Ask a fellow talker on the other side, Michael Savage, what happens when you say things out of line.
As an aside.
Karel used to be on local radio station KFI with his now deceased partner and I used to listen to them and they were amusing. But, since his partner has died, Karel seems to be bitter and angry. Maybe he should deal with that and that might put him in a better place.
For now, KGO did the right thing and gave Karel a little time to realize that what one says does matter. On or off the air.

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