Sunday, November 02, 2008

Keep It Classy Joe The Plumber Haters

I can not wait for the unhinged left to defend this getting over the airwaves, but it does show how the left really thinks about people like Joe the Plumber.
Now, you do have to click on the video and listen really close. About a minute in you hear Karel, aka Charles Karel Bouley, of wanting the mother f----- Joe the Plumber killed.
Now, imagine if, oh say Michael Savage was caught on the air saying that, oh he wanted Ellen DeGeneres killed, what do you think the reaction would be?
In the case of Mr. Savage, every respectable conservative talker would denounce and distance themselves from such a sick thought.
But where is the outrage over Karel?
Well, two things are in play here.
One, Karel is gay and second, he is on San Francisco radio station KGO, long a 50,000 watt left-wing bastion.
A side note is that this is the same radio station that had as a host the now convicted child molester, Bernie Ward, as a prominent host.
Bottom line is that this Karel fellow should not be allowed on the airwaves until at the very least after the election.
And, one wonders why so many Americans are turned off by politics.

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1 comment:

DoorHold said...

"... where is the outrage over Karel?"

I usually blame bias (MSM won't report such remarks), but:

Could it be that people like him are insignificant to most people?

Or are most people SO used to that kind of talk from people like him, it's just not news?

As for the reverse, it plays into my recent belief that the word "pathology" comes into play where liberals are concerned. They will pathologically attack, attack, attack their enemies, and defend, defend, defend their friends. Regardless of the consequences. Regardless of any significance. Just regardless.

To be more specific, and Obama is a perfect example, liberals are guilty of Pathological Hero Worship. McCain? Hey, we KNOW he's not perfect. Bush? Not perfect. Palin? Nope.

But how many liberals have seriously discussed Obama's flaws? Bidens? They can't even admit there ARE any flaws. That's their pathology.