Tuesday, November 04, 2008

California Voting

This is anecdotal evidence about the voting pattern here in deep blue California.
I work in Toluca Lake, near a couple of major studios. Lefty land if there ever was one.
Across the street from my office is a polling place.
When I arrived to the office around 8:15am, there was a longish line, but it was moving pretty quickly. Younger people mostly, but they are probably industry people. I would think that most of these voters will be Obamacultists. But, of course there are going to be a good sprinkling of McCain supporters, not enough to matter here.
As I write this post, it is lunch time and it is just steady at the polling place across the street.
One other thing is that there is an interesting strategy taking place in regard to the state propositions.
The pro prop-8 people are planting themselves at freeway on and off ramps as well as major intersections and waving signs in support of the measure. In my home town of Pasadena, there were a few anti prop-8 people countering the pro prop-8 crowd at one corner.
Interesting tactic.
So, a taste of California voting.
I will vote after work this evening. And once.
Every needs to vote and do not, do not pay attention to any polls or calls of states.
Remember this.
In 1982, every exit poll but one said Tom Bradley would win the California governor's race easlily. Only ABC news said that George Deukmejian would win and they were right.
Let us do it again!


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KEVIN said...

Thank you John McCain for the next four years of Obama.

Righty64 said...

Kevin, I just finished a post on what the Republicans need to do to get back in the game. They better take some of this or it is going to be a long four years. What I am writing?! It IS going to be a long four years!

KEVIN said...

I could have spit nails watching his concession speech...