Friday, October 02, 2009

The Dear Leader In Copenhagen-A Waste Of Time And I Told You So!

Today, the Dear Leader, President Obama, got a nice big slap in the face as the International Olympic Committee told him and his Chicago cronies, thanks but no thanks and they will not get the 2016 Olympics as your humble blogger predicted.
I am not clairvoyant, but I do know that an international group that has a slew of communist, socialist, Islamic and other varieties of loons will use any opportunity to rub the United States nose in the dirt. And, the Dear Leader, President Obama, thought that somehow, if he just went over to Denmark and made a case that his charm would win the day.
Since the Dear Leader, President Obama, has spent the first nine months of his presidency on the Apologize For America World Tour, a change of pace had to be made. He had to talk up the United States. And his adopted home town of Chicago. Why the Dear Leader, President Obama, even trotted out First Lady, Michelle, and good pal Oprah Winfrey in this attempt to try some Chicago strong-arm on the International community.
And, not even the IOC would have anything to do with it.
And Chicago did not even make out of the first round of voting.
The tea leaves were in place by the IOC making the winner, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
By Rio getting in the last round of four, a perfect way to eventually award the games to a South American nation.
The United States did not have a chance. No matter what city was in the running.
But do not buy any spin from Team Obama.
This is a humiliating defeat for the Dear Leader on the world stage.
The fact that the Dear Leader, President Obama, put his own prestige and that of the United States on the line on a day that American unemployment edged up to 9.8% shows a leadership very much out of touch and having it priorities bass ackwards.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, wasted about a day of his life he will never get back. It was a vain attempt to sell a skeptical world that Chicago could host a Summer Olympic Games. And it was a waste of time.

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