Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Of The Dear Leader's More Pressing Matters As Afghanistan Withers

Came across this interesting post from Jim Geraghty over at The Campaign Spot and it is rather amusing that the Dear Leader, President Obama, seems to have a lot of time for many activities. But not to respond to Gen. Stanley Mc Chrystal and his request for 40,000 additional troops in the Afghanistan theatre in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror.
Now, I agree that some of the activities are important as the Dear Leader, President Obama, must fulfill the duties of not just being commander-in-chief, but as head of state.
But, five Democrat party fundraisers?!
And flying over to Copenhagen, Denmark, to get America's face bitch-slapped in Chicago's quest for the 2016 Summer Olympics?!
The funny thing is that it appears that there is no hurry to come to a decision on this matter.
But, by golly, we damned well better hurry up, ready, fire, aim, and get the health care delivery in the United States under government control.
While many more American soldiers continue to give their lives in a war that seems to be withering, somehow this is a smart use of the Dear Leader, President Obama's, so-called "smart power".
At the very least, the Dear Leader should make public how serious he takes the war in the Afghan theatre. He needs to show more meetings with the military that is on the ground and involved in the day-to-day in the Afghan theatre. And, the Dear Leader, President Obama, needs to be meeting more with Gen. Mc Chrystal to determine if 40,000 more troops is what is really needed to blunt the resurgence of the Taliban.
Oh wait, I am sorry, but we have the remember that there are "moderate" Taliban that may even be brought into government in Afghanistan.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, needs to get the hell out of campaign mode and man up to being the commander-in-chief. Stop with the fundraising. Get to it as to what the policy will be in the Afghan theatre. Get a number of troops that will be needed and what will the long-term strategy be in Afghanistan.
Maybe the Dear Leader, President Obama, is asking the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins for some advice on what to do in Afghanistan.

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