Monday, October 26, 2009

Doug Hoffman News Getting Better And Better

Yes, the news keeps looking up for the up-start Conservative Party candidate for the New York state 23rd congressional seat. Doug Hoffman actually leads in one poll. And Mr. Hoffman is getting endorsement after endorsement from many prominent conservatives and Republicans. The latest big-name endorsement is that of Minnesota Republican governor Tim Pawlenty.
Now, as far as the poll numbers, there are caveats.
One is that the sample is rather small. About 400 likely voters. But, it may be enough to get the Democrats in a lather as they are now running ads against Mr. Hoffman and not the anointed Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafaza.
Secondly, it should not be any sign for conservatives and Republicans opposed to anointed candidates to rest now. It only means that Mr. Hoffman is going to need more cash to get the message out to the voters of the New York state 23rd.
But, adding Gov. Pawlenty's name along with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Rick Santorum, Steve Forbes and Dick Armey and it is a reservoir of support that Mr. Hoffman needs to get over the finish line.
All this means that the Big Mo' is in the direction of Mr. Hoffman. The Democrat nominee, Bill Owens, is more or less in a holding pattern, trying to run out the clock. And the Republican anointed candidate? What is her name? Oh, yes! Dede Scozzafava.
And if anyone really thinks that the GOP anointed candidate, Mrs. Scozzafava is still in this race, read all the coverage over at The Other McCain. It includes spot on local, on the scene reporting.
There is one other aspect of this that needs to be exploited by the Hoffman campaign. That is that Mr. Hoffman fits the district much better than Mrs. Scozzafava and light years ahead of the Democrat, Mr. Owens.
The American Conservative Union gives the former congressman, John McHugh, a lifetime rating of 72% in 16 years as the representative from the New York state 23rd. There is no question that on issue after issue that Mr. McHugh ran and won on, Mr. Hoffman is the natural heir. Not a left of center Republican as Mrs. Scozzafava. And Mr. Owens? All Mr. Hoffman has to do is link Mr. Owens to the increasingly unpopular Dear Leader, President Obama.
The news is great for Doug Hoffman. And he needs our support more than ever. Give as much as you can to help Mr. Hoffman get the message out there and to win the New York state 23rd.

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