Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Meg Whitman And Her "Voting" Record

Meg Whitman is one of three announced candidates for the Republican nomination primary for governor in California. The other two are the current insurance commissioner, Steve Poizner and former congressman Tom Campbell.
I think that any of the three would make a great governor for California.
But Meg Whitman has a "voting" problem.
Or, should I write, a lack of voting problem.
You see, Mrs. Whitman did not even register to vote until 2002. OK, that is not a real crime. She should have registered to vote whenever she was able to where ever she lived. But, the real crime is that Mrs. Whitman did not register as a Republican until 2007. That is a real problem considering that Mrs. Whitman did not even register to vote until 2002. Before signing up as a Republican, Mrs. Whitman was a "Decline to state" or independent voter. Do we know whether or not she supported former President George W. Bush in 2004 or not? What had she done for other Republican candidates once she did sign on the Republican line in 2007?
It will agree that it is a distraction. But, it is one of her own making.
In the linked story above, Mrs. Whitman tried to avoid any discussion of the issue whatsoever. Mrs. Whitman simply apologized for not being a voter sooner and tried to leave it at that.
Uh, hello?!
Rule number one in politics. Never, ever let such an issue gain traction.
Oh, but it has. And it gives a serious plus to the Poizner campaign.
And another issue is dogging the Whitman campaign.
The fact that she lent some support for the disgraced former "Green Jobs" Czar, Van Jones.
The fact that she is a Kool-aid drinker and believes in a "green" economy, and by extension, Globaloney Warming.
Here is the quote that Matthew Cunningham has text of:

"There’s a guy over in Oakland, I think his name is Van Jones. And he and I were on a cruise last summer in the Arctic, on climate change. And I got to know him very well. And a lot of the work he’s doing to enfranchise broader communities I’m a big fan of. He’s doing a marvelous job… I’m a huge fan of his. He is very bright, very articulate, very passionate. I think he is exactly right."

OK, Mr. Cunningham does not think that there is an indication that she supports Mr. Jones radical present views. But, read the quote again. She uses the buzz words of the Globaloney Warming cult. And the money ending words: "I think he is exactly right".
Look, we already have a governor, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, that buys into the Globaloney Warming cult. We certainly do not need another one in the person of Mrs. Whitman.
The sparse voting and seeming support for a radical as Van Jones may not kill the nascent campaign of Mrs. Whitman. But, she is going to have to deal with these issues head on. Mrs. Whitman has to do a real job convincing Republican primary voters that she is not a closet Democrat a la Benedict Arnold. And that she will not endorse the crackpot views of the Globaloney Warming cult, hook line and sinker.
So far, I can not say that I am all that impressed. But, she has a lot of time. And, I have not endorsed any one for the Republican nod for governor. Again, all three have to be an improvement over Gov. Benedict Arnold. But, Mrs. Whitman needs to set herself apart from the field. And, being a warmed-over, female Gov. Benedict Arnold ain't gonna impress the conservative majority of California Republicans.

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