Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Great News! Gov. Benedict Arnold Endorses Obamacare

I am a bit late on this one, but once again our illustrious, "Republican" governor, Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger, kicks conservatives and real Republicans to the curb and comes out in support of the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his attempt to socialize medicine in the United States.
As if there are not enough problems that Gov. Benedict Arnold has made for the once Golden State, he wants to force the specter of socialized medicine on the rest of the United States.
Gov. Benedict Arnold has now once and for all abandoned any pretense that he is a conservative let alone a Republican. But, it does remind me of who Gov. Benedict Arnold regards as one of his political heroes. The late President Richard Nixon.
Now, when Sen Teddy Kennedy died many of us were reminded that Mr. Nixon actually supported a government takeover of health delivery while he was president. That would have been a disaster then as it is sure to be now. And remember, many a liberal think that Mr. Nixon was not all that bad of a president. And why not? After all, he was implementing their agenda as president.
But back to Gov. Benedict Arnold.
How can anyone support a government takeover of health care delivery without trying out some real free-market reforms? And claim to have any Republicanism?
Gov. Benedict Arnold, who I regretfully voted for twice, is what happens when Republicans are told to support a moderate. He lectures us about the need to "grow", re: become more liberal. And that big government is A-OK. It is that Republicans can manage it better than Democrats.
We have a primary coming up to replace Gov. Benedict Arnold in 2010. Not soon enough! And the three candidates better not support big government at any level. We need less government at all levels. The one candidate that addresses that with seriousness will be the Republican nominee. And we better not be convinced to nominate another big-government moderate.
Other wise, we get governors like Benedict Arnold who end up endorsing the largest federal power grab in American history.

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richard mcenroe said...

Can der goofinator point to one government program in California that works? Isn't MediCal bankrupt?