Sunday, October 11, 2009

Facebookers Need To Face Facts On Dear Leader's Award Of Nobel Prize

I actually took some time to write comments over at my Facebook page and one was the incredulousness of the Dear Leader, President Obama, being awarded the Nobel Prize*.
I got a lot of reaction.
But the one that got me thinking is the one that an old high school buddy wrote:

Carlos Santellanes
Sure he earned it.... if a DOORKNOB had gotten elected after G.W.B.... the DOORKNOB would have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. It's the Norwegians way of saying "F" YOU BUSH and the WHOLE REPUBLICAN PARTY!!! It's really simple.

So, that is what the Nobel Prize has become? A "F--- you" to a former president of the United States?
To those on the left, and my old friend, Carlos, I am afraid that is what such awards should be. More repudiation of the eeevvviiilll George W. Bush.
But, the Nobel Prize has been one that has awarded based on actual accomplishment. Not the hope of potential accomplishment.
Again, I noted some reasoning why this award of the Nobel Prize to the Dear Leader, President Obama, was a joke.
And why this is dangerous in relation to a serious decision that the Dear Leader, President Obama, has to make concerning the Afghanistan theater in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror.
The Nobel Committee will have a difficult time justifying handing an American president a "peace" award when he sends as many as 40,000 American soldiers to fight against the truly evil Taliban and their lecherous hangers-on, al-Qaeda.
Now, for all of my dislike of former president Jimmah Carter, at least he does have a track record of trying to bring about peace. Especially in the Middle East. After all, he did bring together the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and the late Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, and open up peace talks. The talks resulted in Israel giving the Suez Peninsula back to Egypt. But, importantly it started diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel. And eventually, Israel and Jordan. And they are still on to this day.
That is some kind of accomplishment. And, it was done without the use of force.
Again, what has the Dear Leader, President Obama, done in regard to international peace?
N O T H I N G !
Which leads me to ask those this.
Do you really think this award should have been given to a president that has not accomplished anything significant in any area of governance, let alone in international relations? And a follow up. Should awards of this nature be given just to rub a former leader's nose in the dirt?
Then if you do, God help you.
I stand by my comments.
That this is a joke. That the Dear Leader, President Obama, was awarded the Nobel Prize.

*Because of the nature of this year's recipient of the award, I can not, in good conscience, refer to it as the Nobel Peace Prize.

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