Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rush Limbaugh And The National Fools, Er, Football League

It is pathetic that the commissioner of the National Football League, Roger Goodell, would be so easily manipulated by two of the great race hucksters of our time. But, it appears that Mr. Goodell is by his initial opposition to a group that includes radio talker Rush Limbaugh wanting to buy the beleaguered St. Louis Lambs, er Rams NFL entry.
I think I would like to focus on this little ditty from Mr. Goodell:

"I've said many times before we're all held to a high standard here."

Sure, Roger!
Yes, like allowing a convicted criminal, Michael Vick, to return to playing in the National Football League.
Like allowing owners to move their teams in the middle of the night, not so much as a warning. This is in reference to Robert Irsay, who moved the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis. And Art Modell who took the beloved Cleveland Browns off to Baltimore in similar fashion.
Speaking of the new incarnation of the Browns, how about their trade of Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets? Oh, forgot to mention that Mr. Edwards is under investigation for punching a man outside of a nightclub?
And there is Plaxico the Straight Shooter, Burris. What a dolt!
Yes, Roger, ya' all are held to such a high standard, right?!
While Mr. Goodell denies that he has knowledge of the pressure being put on by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, there is no question that the two worst race hucksters of the era are ramping it up and making some NFL owners uncomfortable with the thought that Rush Limbaugh will potentially have a piece of an NFL team.
In classic "drive-by" form, one of the NFL's notorious owners, Jim Irsay, son of Robert, said that he will vote against a group that Mr. Limbaugh is part of. Here is some of the "reasoning":

"I would not be in favor of voting for him," Irsay said. "I could ask Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell, Dwight Freeney and consult with them, but there have been comments that have been made that have been inappropriate, incendiary and insensitive. It's bigger than football. We have to watch the words that we say.... Sometimes privileges in life do get lost. I would not feel comfortable.
"I've met Rush only once and he seemed like a nice guy. But when you see the comments that are out there, I would not be comfortable. I myself couldn't be in favor of voting for him.... We've got to watch our words in this world and our thoughts because they can do damage."

Yes, so can a creep like Michael Vick, who is getting a hero's welcome in Philadelphia, right?
Now, there are non-attributal quotes that have been alleged to been said by Mr. Limbaugh. The actual and most famous, I am sorry to write, was correct.

In 2003, Limbaugh resigned from ESPN after making controversial comments about McNabb, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Limbaugh said on the network's studio show that "the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."

At the time, Mr. McNabb was not doing all that well. And, as I have noted, many in the sports media are left of center. One can point to the worst of this class, the always overrated and not all that knowledgeable Keith Olberman. And yes, many a writer spends a helluva lot of time worrying about race. It is a favorite past time of the left in this nation. And, Mr. Limbaugh called them out on it.
Would I have said the same thing if I was in Mr. Limbaugh's position? No, I would not have used a spot at ESPN for clear social commentary. He could have done that on the radio show. But, he did not back down nor should have. But, he realized that maybe he and ESPN were not a good fit.
But, turn down someone who would have the cash to buy a team because he actually had the testicles to, oh how I love to write this, speak truth to power? Only the NFL would be so moronic to potentially do that.
Or how about DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL Players Association. He said that he has "reservations" in a memo circulated to player on the union's executive committee.
Why? Because Mr. Limbaugh is not a panty-waist like so many other people now a days? Hmm, maybe the real worry is that Mr. Limbaugh would not be so easy to roll over when the player's union puts pressure in renegotiating a contract down the road.
The fact that the NFL commissioner is all but laying down a marker against the bid of Mr. Limbaugh and David Checketts, owner of the St. Louis Blues hockey team shows how easily intimidated these people are. OOOOH! Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton raise their bloody hands in opposition and made up quotes circulate about alleged quotes made by Mr. Limbaugh and Mr. Goodell raises the white flag. Oops! Bad choice of words. Sorry, the surrender flag.
That is why Mr. Goodell is the leader of not the National Football League but the National Fool's League.

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