Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Memo To Newt Gingrich: Get The Hell Out Of The New York State 23rd Race!

I like Newt Gingrich. He is one of the sharpest political minds on either side of the aisle. But, in his undying support for alleged Republican Dede Scozzafava in the New York state 23rd congressional race, he is dead wrong. And, here is a little memo for you, Newt.
Newt, this is astounding. The logic that you have used is, well perplexing.
Newt, you think that it is OK for some 11 county party chairs to force this liberal Republican on a conservative district? Do you not think that a real primary should have decided who the GOP candidate should have been? It appears that you forget that the formula that foisted Mrs. Scozzafava on the electorate reeks of Boss Tweed. It is certainly not a group up approach but a top down that gave those voters Mrs. Scozzafava.
Newt, how can you not realize that this "Republican", Mrs. Scozzafava, is so to the left of the average Republican voter that she supports card check? It is a huge attempt to circumvent the secret ballot and allow a simple majority of people to sign a card showing interest in a labor union within a given workplace. Oh, and it takes away the right of the secret ballot. It is totally unacceptable to see a Republican take such a position.
Newt, it is one thing to be "pro-choice", which is pro-abortion. But, for Mrs. Scozzafava to accept an award, the Margaret Sanger award given by Planned Parenthood, it is absolutely unacceptable.
Oh, remember, Mrs. Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood and a leading "light" in the Eugenics movement. Mrs. Sanger was a proponent of forced sterilization of "undesirables", as she and her ilk saw it. It was people like Mrs. Sanger that were inspirations for the likes of Adolf Hitler and Nazi race ideology.
Now, I support Republicans that win fair and square. Say what one will about the craziness that is California, but this crap does not happen here.
We have a primary that determines who a candidate will be. As I noted in another post, there is also a special election in the California 10th district on November 3. And there was a primary that lumped all the candidates on one ballot, no matter what party. Because there are usually so many running, it all but guarantees that there is a second round. Because the top candidate must get 50% plus one to win in the first round. Almost never happens. So the second round is traditional. A Democrat, a Republican and the usual third party likes. Thus, the people decide who the standard bearers will be.
New York state needs to take this approach for both the Democrat and Republican parties.
The same brain dead New York Republican party, which I still submit is on a death spiral to see if they can become as irrelevant as the Massachusetts Republican party, foisted another loser, Jim Tedisco, in another special election earlier this year.
Newt, I know that you are big on broadening the party. So am I. But, if it means running a moderate Democrat masquerading as a Republican, no thank you.
So, I ask you for the good of the Republican party and the voters of the New York state 23rd congressional race this, once again.

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