Friday, October 09, 2009

The Dear Leader Wins The Nobel Peace Prize Tee Hee!! Tee Hee!!

The laughs just keep coming, courtesy of the Democrat National Committee. I guess any opposition to the Dear Leader, President Obama, equals siding with the terorrists. Hmm, where did I hear this before? Oh, yes, when we were pointing out that not supporting the troops actually doing the work to defeat the terrorists and their allies. No, I am sorry, I will support the troops, oppose the Dear Leader's policies!

I really believe that today must really be April Fools Day. I mean, it is the only logical explanation to the fact that the Dear Leader, President Obama, has been awarded the-I can't write this without spilling coffee on the keyboard-Nobel Peace Prize!
For what, pray tell?!
Even the headline in the link asks the very same question.
Obviously, the Nobel committee has lowered their standards because they could not actually find a real accomplishment that the Dear Leader, President Obama, has done.
Look, just being the first Black elected to the presidency, while a wonderful accomplishment in and of itself, is not something to award a peace prize for. And while the Dear Leader says that he wants to work on a nuclear-weapon free world (good luck with that!) and peace in the Middle East, one should ask for an actual accomplishment in any of those areas.
I actually believe one should be award a prize based on an accomplishment, not the hope of something.
For instance, in baseball, the winner of the Cy Young award is usually the best pitcher in either the American or National league. It is awarded at the end of the season. It is awarded based on a given pitcher's record, earned run average, strikeouts. In other words, for accomplishment, not the hope of an accomplishment.
Or when the league Most Valuable Player is awarded, it is based on performance.
Yes, the Dear Leader, President Obama, should be embarrassed that he has been awarded a prize based on nothing to speak of. And an over $1,000,000 cash to boot.
Well, all I can write is Happy April Fool's Day! Oh, too bad it is actually October 9!

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skeneogden said...

A prized endowed by the inventor of dynamite given to a friend of Bill Ayers.

The irony is palpable.