Monday, October 26, 2009

David Harmer For Congress In The California 10th

Because the focus has been on the barn burner of a race in the New York state 23rd congressional district, there is another race here in California that merits attention and maybe a huge steal for the Republicans.
It is the race in the California 10th congressional district.
It is another replacement race to succeed Ellen Tauscher, appointed by the Dear Leader, President Obama to be the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. And that is much like the New York state 23rd as it is a replacement race for John McHugh, appointed Army Secretary by the Dear Leader, President Obama.
The Democrats are running warhorse and current California Lt. Governor John Garamendi. He is always trolling for the next rung on the election ladder. But, Mr. Garamendi realizes that this is probably his best chance to continue in elected office.
Mr. Garamendi is being opposed by David Harmer, the Republican.
The contrasts could not be greater between these two men.
Mr. Garamendi is running on the usual laundry list of Democrat issues. Interestingly, so-called health care "reform" is not at the top of Mr. Garamendi's issue list. Number one is education. And therin lies the problem. It is not and should never have been the federal government's job to fund and set education standards. Health care rank forth on the laundry list. But one that sounds like it came straight out of the Mainline Protestant Christian handbook is "social justice". It is the new cause du jour for the Democrat party.
Mr. Harmer on the other hand has a laundry list of his own. And, unlike Mr. Garamendi, Mr. Harmer gets to the heart of the matter in priority number one. Bailouts, Deficits and the National Debt. Mr. Harmer hits on the issue that has most Americans anxious in these times. Now Mr. Harmer knows that he must address similar issues that Mr. Garamendi does. But, Mr. Harmer is unapologetic about where he stands on education and so-called health care "reform".
Now, unlike Doug Hoffman in New York state, the California 10th is not all that friendly to Republicans. But, this is not a regular off-year election.
In the special election primary, something the New York state Republicans need to consider next time around, Mr. Harmer came within five percentage points of being the top vote getter. In a special election of this nature in California, all candidates are put on one ballot, regardless of party. If any candidate receives 50% plus one, there is no next round. That is the winner. But the well-known Mr. Garamendi only mustered 26% compared to Mr. Harmer at 21%. But, special elections always hinge on turnout. And, without a doubt, even in such a Democrat district, Republicans will be energized. And maybe able to sway just enough independents and a few Democrats to send a message to Washington. The history of this district is one that in recent elections have favored the Democrat party. Mrs. Tauscher won the last election with 65% of the vote.
But, the Dear Leader, President Obama, will not be on this ballot. But his policies will. And even in this solid Democrat congressional district, there is a chance that a Republican can pull off a huge upset. And it would be a huge upset. If Mr. Harmer were to win, he would be target number one for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. Period.
Here is one way to help. Get David Harmer some much needed cash. If you are in California, just show up and volunteer to help. And, this is of the utmost importance. Send a note to the National Republican Congressional Committee and its chair Pete Sessions. Tell them to stop wasting time and money on a sure loser, Dede Scozzafava, and instead fork some cash here in California to get some momentum to make an upset a real possibility. The fact that the NRCC is going to spend up to $300,000 to try to make a third-place loser respectable and not much to a candidate that has a real upset in his sights in unconsiable. And if you read the link about the NRCC, The Weekly Standard's John McCormick (Dede Scozzafava's favorite reporter!) makes the case that at least some of that money would be better spent in helping Mr. Harmer, who has a real shot at an upset.
Good people of the California 10th congressional district, I ask that you vote for David Harmer for congress. I know that your habits are more Democrat leaning, but in this case I ask that you make an exception and send a message to the Democrat congress and the Dear Leader, President Obama. We may kind of sort of like you, but we are sending Mr. Harmer as a trust, but verify congressman.


Robert and Helen said...

Please, voters in the CA 10th District, study the issues AND the personalities involved and Go And Do the Right Thing for this country: Place your mark by David Harmer.

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