Monday, May 07, 2007

Send In The Disney Army

I have to admit, I never thought that I would support the Walt Disney company in much these days, but this disturbing video showing what looks like a very chubby Mickey Mouse advocating Jihad and showing children how to throw a grenade and shoot at "the infidels."
The video is shown on Hamas television. Yes, the Palestinian thug government of Hamas has its own television station and shows this kind of demented propaganda to young, impressionable children. No wonder they have so much hate towards Israel, the United States and the west.
When the propaganda network takes the most beloved cartoon character in the world and turn him into the next suicide bomber advocate, something should be done, of course there is not really much that can be done that will make these sickos stop using this character to promote Jihad. However, maybe the Disney company can round up an army of its cartoon characters and take out the Hamas television station.
It is only slightly in jest, but this should show any rational American that this is the kind of perversion we are dealing with. And, we will not be able to change so many minds overnight.
And in reality, the American people who these days have the attention span of a coked-up Jack Russell terrier, do not have the patience to wage the kind of long struggle that the cold war was. We expect to have everything wrapped up in a one-hour episode on any given night in the wonderful world of American television.
I have to say, those who by into what the current crop of Democrat presidential candidates are saying, or not saying, about the War Against Terror will have a lot to answer for if a Democrat is elected and a major terror attack happens right here in the homeland and their response is how they exposed it during their maiden presidential debate.
All anyone has to do is see this video and judge for yourself if we should "talk" to them or take them out? I think the answer is clear.

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