Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Episcopal Church Still Going For The Lowest Common Denominator

As I return from a short respite celebrating Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast's and mine wedding anniversary, I am afraid that I come back to really tragic news about my slowly devolving Episcopal Church.
Just when I think that the church can not sink to new depths, I read today from Fox News that former New Jersey governor James McGreevey has not only been received to the Episcopal Church (that means he is coming from another Christian denomination and does not have to be baptised again) but he has been accepted to the General Theological Seminary and is going through the discernment process to become, I can not believe this, an Episcopal priest.
If you do not know the story, former Gov. McGreevy had to resign from office when he was outed as being gay. That should not be a big deal however he was married with a daughter and cheating on his wife. He was supposedly cheating with a male state employee of the New Jersey department of homeland security. Apparently, Mr. McGreevy helped get the gentleman in that position, the job.
So, he wrote a "tell all" book, was counseled by Oprah and is living happily ever after with his latest boyfriend. Too bad for the soon to be former Mrs. McGreevy as she is in a big, drag out divorce with Mr. McGreevy.
I just do not understand the rationale for Mr. McGreevy being accepted into a preeminent seminary within the Episcopal Church. Do these people not realize that this is confusing to the pew sitter, or better yet, do they care?
I do not think that they care, pure and simple. The theological liberals and lefties dominating the leadership of the church has made it clear, starting with the so-called presiding bishop, Katherine Jefferts-Schori.
If the conservative faction successfully leaves the church, then those of us who stay will be lonely warriors for the maintenance of some tradition and scripture.
Instead, we are treated to allowing a cheat who to my knowledge has not repented, and that is the lowest common denominator and I am sorry to be a part of it.

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