Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Assault On Romney Hits The Big Time

I suppose that it had to happen eventually, because despite seemingly weak national polling numbers, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is now getting it from the DDBMSM judging from what has been leaked by CBS news "60 Minutes"
Veteran "reporter" Mike Wallace actually asked, I kid you not, if Mr. Romney and his wife, Ann, had premarital sex, a very big no-no according to Mormon, and most Christian, doctrine. What, no question about the undergarments? Oh, maybe "60 Minutes" is keeping that under wraps so that people will watch this on Sunday evening.
Then there is the cover of the upcoming Time magazine, which features Mr. Romney with the headline, "Sure, he looks like a president, But What Does Mitt Romney Really Believe?"
So, while the numbers are not there nationally, there are some state polls that the media may be taking seriously as when they go after someone like this, no question they take him seriously.
I am hopeful that these are not just DDBMSM hit pieces because, while it would be good for Mr. Romney, this would lead to a backlash and sympathy for Mr. Romney and more support.
The American people do not like hit pieces, and outright insulting as the "Reverend" Al Sharpton did Monday night.
I am just waiting for the hit piece on Sen. Barack Obama from the DDBMSM.

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