Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hamas Mickey Being Taken Off The Air

Ah, it is nice to see that Hamas television has decided to take off the Mickey Mouse like character that teaches young, impressionable Palestinian children the joys of Jihad according to the Jerusalem Post.
I think that even fanatic television, yes Hamas has its own television station, realizes that there are certain things that are sacrosanct, like Mickey Mouse. Not only that, but even Jihadists realize that they have to have the right tool for hateful propaganda. Mickey Mouse throwing grenades just did not cut it.
Again, we in the United States must realize that this is the kind of enemy that we are fighting. Yes, it is hard, but defeat will be more than an embarrassment. It will show the world we have no fight in us. I believe that we do. I watch the Republican presidential candidates and compare to the Democrats and realize that at this point, the Democrats do not want to face reality. To varying degrees, the Republican candidates do realize what kind of hate we are fighting and want to defeat it, not contain it. This is not containable.
Taking Jihad Mickey off the air of Hamas television is a minor victory. But it is a small victory in a very long struggle.

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