Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The More We Know About The Ft. Dix Six

Several things are very clear about the arrest of the so-called "Ft. Dix Six".
The most obvious is that all were Islamic. Not Middle Eastern, but Albanian. And that they were not necessarily directly linked to Al-Queda. But, that is not definite yet, so we must wait and see as far as whether or not there is a direct link to Al-Queda. Remember, the way that Al-Queda is set up, most if not all of the individual cells are independent of each other. There is no command structure like a regular armed forces or garden variety terrorist group.
Vigilance by regular Americans. Apparently, a tip from a video store employee led to the investigation that has led to the arrest. While we have heard a lot about how terrible it was that many passengers were concerned enough about the now infamous "Flying Imams" to alert USAir officials at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, this is proof that Americans should not be discouraged from being vigilant. What alerted the store clerk is when one of the suspects brought in a VHS tape to transfer to a DVD. On the tape was military training but a lot of it was terrorist laced with the "Allah Akbar!"-God Is Great in Arabic.
More than likely, having the Patriot Act in place helped monitor and infiltrate this cell.
Most important is the fact that while, try as they might, the left and the anti-war crowd is once again discredited by the reality that the Jihad is up and running right here in the United States. This cell was broken, and maybe others we do not know anything about. There will be more but there will be one we can not break and an attack and it will occur. That is what has to keep all those on the front lines fighting the threat. Not soliloquies that there is no real war against terror and that we should just wait around for the next attack.
The more we learn about these six suspects, the more that the threat of the terror war sticking here on our shores all the more real.

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