Thursday, May 03, 2007

Robert Novak Should Know Better

I have to write that I am really surprised that a veteran columnist/reporter such as Robert Novak has lowered himself to write a column about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and a movie called "September Dawn" which is about a massacre perpetuated by Mormon leader Brigham Young in the 18th century.
In Mr. Novak's column, he basically asserts that Mr. Romney, as a Mormon, must address this issue. Although Mr. Novak couches his assertion in a Seinfeldian moment of Mr. Romney being a Mormon, not that there is anything wrong with it, then writes that he tried to get a comment from Mr. Romney about this movie and event. Of course Mr. Romney has not called back and if I were Mr. Novak, I would not wait by the phone for that call.
If I were running for office and was asked what I think about issue A, B, C, etc. that the Episcopal Church has done and to comment on it, I would not have that much time first of all and just because my denomination has not always done the right thing or does, I am not a spokesman for the Episcopal Church. Nor is Mr. Romney a spokesman for the Mormons and it would be pointless for him to comment on an event that happened in the 18th century.
Should we ask Mr. Novak his view of Roman Catholic issues since he, like Mr. Romney is a a devout Mormon, is a devout Roman Catholic?
At the end of the day, do we really care what a candidate thinks about his or her religion, but specifically what their particular denomination has or has not done? I do not really think so. But the issue is when hard core lefties and some righty fellow-travellers buy into this veiled, and sometimes not so veiled, anti-Mormonism, some like myself will rise to defend a practitioner of that religion. Believe me though, if you have read any of this blog, you know I hardly agree with much, if any, of Mormon doctrine.
Robert Novak knows better and should spend his next column apologizing to Mr. Romney.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I think he should explain his religion, especially when it is a "CULT" and not an actual religion. The Mormon Church has done a brilliant job in hiding the secret ceremonies of their temples and creating a Public Relations division to give this so called church credability. I certainly do not want the potential leader of the free world to have a hidden agenda that I do not understand. He should definitely address his thoughts and explain them.