Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Romney The ONLY One To Go All The Way

There is something interesting in this, the longest presidential campaign ever. We are being told by the pundits and the political professionals that we will know each parties nominee by or around February 15, 2008 because of the many states moving their primaries to or around February 5, 2008.
Well, I do not think that may be the case, because for that reason. Too many states for candidates to campaign in and expect to win. Some will be favorite-son states and some will be up for grabs. Also, there is no geographic rhyme or reason as to where all these states are. They are all over the country.
When you look at that, the question comes up, who is the candidate, either party, who can campaign in every state and will not go into debt.
That would be one, and only one, Mitt Romney, the former Republican governor of Massuchusets. Why? Because he is a self-made millionaire who can dump a lot of money to be competitive everywhere in the truncated primary season.
If Mr. Romney wins either Iowa or New Hampshire or both, he will definatly have the "Big Mo' " and can go into every state with fresh money and volunteers.
In one sense, thanks to so-called campaign finance reform, this is what it hath wroght.
So, while as many as 20 states or even more will have had their primaries by February 15, 2008, it does not mean that the party nominations will be in the bag.
But, if it comes down to one candidate that can use money wisely and be competitive in every state to that point, that may help that party in general to get money out to congressional and senatorial candidates.
Something to think about as Mr. Romney's numbers are vaulting him to the lead in New Hampshire and competitive in Iowa.

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