Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hey Kids, Next Time You Wanna Make Out, Get A Room!

Now I usually don't like to delve into such a topic. But this does say something about the time and the culture and what seems to be OK and not OK.
This past Monday, the office I work at (all four of us!) went out to lunch on the company I work for.  It appears that we did something good. And hey, they were treating, so why not?!
We went to the nearby Olive Garden, or as I used to call it, the Overrated Garden. I don't know but the food seems to be better than it used to be.
My boss left a few minutes early to get a table and the rest of us walked over since it is nearby out office.
Once we all got there, seated and looking over the menu, I could not help but to keep looking over to my left.
There they were.
Two people, a dude and a gal. They looked to be college age from what I could tell. The problem was what they were doing.
They were passionately making out. In the middle of the frickin restaurant!
It was not the peck on the cheek. No, that would have been OK. But the gal's eyes were shut as she was kissing her boyfriend/husband. It was NOT just kissing. It was full on. . .french kissing. I could see the lips opening up and the tongue hanging out.
As the gals say nowadays, EEEUUUWWW!
The gal was practically in the guy's lap and this went on for a while.
I was sitting next to my boss, in her early 50s as I am 47. I turned around and said "Are those two going to get a room?!" And her response was, "I know! Its too much especially in here!"
Listen, I am not a prude. But my issue is that there is a time and a place for that kind of stuff.
In the middle of an Olive Garden restaurant is not one of those places or times.
The scene was just too much. If the waiter had not brought the food to them, I do not know what might have happened next.
But back to my issue.
I am pretty affectionate with Mrs. RVFTLC. We hold hands often. We kiss. We hug. Even when we were dating we did the making out kind of stuff privately. We just don't feel we needed to or need to put on a show of any kind for people.
And that is what is wrong today.
It seems that today's youts have to take all this stuff to the limit. Test the boundaries. Kind of get into the face of the rest of us.
But as I have grown older and hopefully wiser, I just wonder the kind of message it sends to people to see young people act like they are ready to do it any time, any place?
It sends a bad message. It sends a message that they have no self control. They live way too much in the moment.
What drives them to that attitude? Is it the Hollyweird/celbutard culture? Is it marketing that seems to say to young people, you can do anything? Is it a sense of despair underlying the seemingly cool lives the youts of today lead?
The fact is that every generation asks these questions. But one thing the generations of old did not have to deal with is the near epidemic of unmarried pregnancies. Guys doing the deed and skipping out on their responsibilities. Gals so wanting a child to be "fulfilled" and a dad be damned.
Now I am not suggesting that full-on making out in an Olive Garden restaurant is going to lead to a pregnancy that the couple may have not wanted. But we are told by the smart people that all to cure this problem is more sex-ed and more birth control.
Hey, how about self-control?
That is what was lacking from the young couple. They were acting as if it was their own private restaurant. They did not care about the people around them. That there may have been very young kids around.
Again, it is all about self-control.
The above tale is real but shows a lack of that which separates many of us. The ability to control one's self when it seems most uncontrollable. And trust me, once the hormones start and the guy getsexcited, the thought process often goes right out the window.
But my advice to people like that?
Please, next time you want to make out in a restaurant, get a room!


Will S. said...

Pathetic. I saw that kind of shit in Paris, France; sorry to see excessive PDAs come to our continent...

An Unmarried Man said...

My theory: they are having an extra-marital affair.

Righty64 said...

@Unmarried Man I did not thing about that aspect. I don't think so. They looked pretty young. But, you never know.