Sunday, May 27, 2012

Does Anyone Still Really Watch Sunday Morning "News" Programs?

I mean really. Does anyone really still watch NBC's Meet The Depressed? CBS' Face The Nation? ABC's This Week with host of The Week? Fox News Sunday? Whatever is on CNN?
Honestly, I gave up on watching any of these programs about two years ago.
Once in a while, I will watch the panel discussion on Fox News Sunday, but not with any regularity.
One of the problems with these shows is the utter predictability of them. From the hosts right down to the guests.
I mean, that is the real reason the comments by the Newark, New Jersey mayor, Cory Booker, regarding the Dear Leader, President Obama and his non-stop assault on Bain Capital made news.
Because Mayor Booker is Black and strong supporter of the Dear Leader, President Obama.
And he dared to criticise the oh great Dear Leader, President Obama.
But like a house of cards, Mayor Booker backed down from his correct, righteous comments and said he was taken out of context.
So, with the help of Real Clear Politics, this is a video clip of what Mayor Booker said. And here it is in quotes:

“Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity. Stop attacking Jeremiah Wright.”

OK, so Mayor Booker was being pretty equal on this one. But how dare he attack the strategery of Team Dear Leader. And he eventually made a walk-back I am certain after someone, if not the Dear Leader, President Obama, himself made a call.
That he said it on a so-called news/public affairs program is what is news to me.
Thanks to the internets and conservative talk radio, I learned about it and did not have to endure the host of Meet The Depressed, David Gregory, and his poofy-haired pomposity.
But the problem with the Sunday gab-fests is that it is all Washington insiderese. The hosts are Washington insiders with no one more Mr. Inside than former President Clinton aide George Stephanopolus. The guests are almost all insiders. The panelists tend to be all insiders and part of the broadcasting Axis of Evil of New York City and Washington.
Let me riddle you this.
When do any of these shows take a road trip? And don't answer every four years to Iowa and New Hampshire. When they do, all that they do is bitch, complain, moan and whine about why these two states should start the process of party presidential nominations. I am talking about getting out and about with the regular folks. Maybe once in a while stray to fly-over country. Like Chicago? Maybe oh I do not know, what about Fargo, North Dakota? Why the economy is booming there. Is that not a worthwhile story?
Another thing is to get panelists outside of the broadcast Axis of Evil. You know, maybe have someone on a panel that is part of talk radio? Both left and right? There are a lot of great hosts out there that would be worth having on a panel. What about reporters from second-tier markets?
And the hosts themselves. Dudes, lighten up a bit. We take what you want to discuss seriously. But you do not need to take yourselves so damn seriously.
The last and important thing is there any way we west of the Mississippi River can ever see these programs live? You know, in real time? Sometimes when we get to see them, whatever may make news is already out there and why do we need to watch? We can always just go over to Real Clear Politics and read the transcripts out here on the Left Coast.
I used to think it was of importance to watch as much of these Sunday morning public affairs programs, but no more. They need to get with a new program. They need to catch up into the 21st century. Until they do, I am not going to waste time and and DVR space on these shows.

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