Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Willard Mitt Romney Is Now The Republican Presidental Nominee For 2012

Tonight, the battle for the White House is officially on as Willard Mitt Romney clinched the Republican presidential nod for 2012 with his win in the Texas primary today.
With about 35% of the votes counted, Mr. Romney has 71% of the vote and has won the 155 delegates up for grabs.
Having entered the evening at 1,066 delegates according to CNN, with the win Mr. Romney now has 1,221 delegates  and that puts him well over the 1,144 for the Republican nomination.
And that is the good news.
The race is now over.
The last serious candidate standing, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, officially threw his support of Mr. Romney in this Facebook post.
With that the remaining primaries are but to put icing on the cake for Mr. Romney.
Say what you will but Mr. Romney in the end ran a stellar campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.
The more conservative candidates would not or could not coalesce support behind their candidacies. Like Mr. Romney in 2008 vs. Sen. John "F--- You" McCain, it was only when it became clear is when Mr. Santorum began to pick up and get traction among conservatives. But it was too little too late.
By dispatching his opponents one by one, Mr. Romney became a stronger candidates. While there seemed to be endless debates that included very lesser known candidates, Mr. Romney got stronger as the field winnowed down. And that is what we want in our standard-bearer to go up against the formidable Dear Leader, President Obama.
And in recent campaign appearances, Mr. Romney has focused on the Dear Leader, President Obama's mishandling of the economy and foreign affairs.
Now, Mr. Romney will be focusing on who his running mate should be for the fall campaign.
His decision is going to be an important one because it will be his first serious decision as the party nominee.
We all know that then Democrat candidate Sen. Messiah Barack blew it big time when he asked the Democrat party to nominate then Sen. Joe the Brain Surgeon Biden as his vice-president. Yet the masses were told to be afraid, be very afraid of one Sarah Palin. Yet I have sleepless nights wondering if, God forbid, Vice-President Brain Surgeon Biden were to become the commander-in-chief. Yup. I'd take Mrs. Palin any day over the current occupant of the vice-presidency.
So, now it is all between Mr. Romney and the Dear Leader, President Obama.
And it is game on!

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