Wednesday, May 02, 2012

So The Dear Leader Is Boasting The Bin laden Killing For Political Gain? BFD*

Oh yeah, what a shock that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is running a victory lap a year later after he gave the go-ahead for Navy Seal Team #6 to take out Osama bin-Laden.
But more bothersome is that way too many on our side are trying to dust off the Marquis of Queensbury rules of political discourse.
People, we are dealing with the Dear Leader, President Obama. Quite possibly the most sociopathical man to inhibit the White House since Richard Nixon.
So we need to not get too worked up over what the Dear Leader, President Obama has or is doing in regards to the victory lap.
Such as  this so-important speech to the nation.
From Kabul.
And the on and on that he killed bin Laden.
No, Navy Seal Team #6 actually did the job. Yes on direct order of the commander-in-chief, Barack Obama.
But the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, had a comeback. Not just a comeback but an OUCH!
In response to a question from a reporter as to whether or not if he were the president he would have given the same order as the Dear Leader, President Obama, did.
The answer:

"Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order."

Like I said, OUCH!
And in President Peanut's defense, he did give the order to carry out Operation Eagle Claw, the ill-fated attempt to rescue the American hostages in Tehran during the 444-day long Iranian hostage crisis.
The difference?
President Peanut suffered a humiliating defeat.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, can say as he is, that he got bin-Laden.
To acronym our illustrious Vice-President, Joe the Brain Surgeon Biden, BFD*
It is the only accomplishment that the Dear Leader, President Obama, can point to in the reelection campaign.
What about so-called health care "reform"?
A loser since the majority of Americans have consistently opposed the partisan bill that has caused damage and uncertainty for millions of Americans.
The economy?
Forget it.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, can not run on eight percent plus unemployment. Deficits beyond our great-grand children's eyes. Debt that could crush us like Greece.
The list goes on.
So, how should Mr. Romney react and run his campaign.
I suggest all on Team Romney read this from The Weekly Standard from the Big Cheese himself, William Kristol.
Most important is that Mr. Romney should act presidential.
Which would be refreshing since the current occupier of the White House seems to think that his main job is to glad-hand himself.
It is important to show what it means to be presidential and a leader not obsessed with himself.
It will be refreshing to see.
So, as Mr. Kristol points out, don't get all worked up over this victory lap about the killing of bin-Laden.
Let the underlings deal with that.
It is time to see a president.
Although we have to wait a while longer, a president will be in charge next year at this time.
His name will be President Willard Mitt Romney.

*BFD-Big F---ing Deal.

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