Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Left Angeles Times Desperate Shilling For The Dear Leader

I tell you that almost any given Sunday, the Left Angeles Times gives me great material and today is no different.
This is the latest attempt at this Obamawhore media outlet shilling for the Dear Leader, President Obama.
That the Dear Leader, President Obama, might actually win some White evangelical Christian voters in Ohio.
OK, sure some will vote for the Dear Leader, President Obama. Some did last time. So what?
Ahh, but you see, these few examples are not bothered by the Dear Leader, President Obama, coming our as a supporter of same-sex marriage. They are not bothered by the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his such strident support of abortion on demand. So much so that he wants you and I to have to pay for contraception whether we want to or not.
But here is what is wrong with the article.
First, one has to get down to the 10th paragraph to see that, the article is a fraud. Here it is:

It will be a tough sell. Polling numbers show that Obama has actually lost ground slightly among white evangelicals since the 2008 election, when he made significant inroads among voters of faith. In a recent poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 73% of white evangelicals polled were supporting Romney for president, compared with just 20% for Obama.

So then, why focus on maybe 20% of White evangelicals? If it is that bad for Team Dear Leader, I do not think there is a chance they will make any inroads beyond the 20%
And as an aside in the Pew poll mentioned, as you read on in the story, not one who identified themselves as Black and evangelical supported the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.
So, probably the Times uses this poll to miss an as big, if not bigger story.
Will Black evangelicals turn out in large numbers and give the same support for the Dear Leader, President Obama, as they did in 2008?
Where is the article about Blacks not happy with the Dear Leader, President Obama, coming out of the closet for same-sex marriage?
If the Dear Leader, President Obama, loses any significant support of Black Americans, his reelection chances dim considerably.
And as you read on in the article, it really does not seem likely this miracle will occur with Team Dear Leader.
But why run such a piece?
To plant seeds of doubt. To say, as one of the pastors does say in the article, that evangelicals are moving to the left politically.
The Rev. Dave Workman of Vineyard Community church says that evangelicals are becoming more aware that there are more than two issues in deciding which party or candidate to vote for.
You know the two issues.
Abortion and same-sex marriage.
I do not know anything about the Rev. Workman, but if he really believes those are the only two issues most evangelicals care about, he is the one out of touch.
One of the reasons that evangelicals, well evangelize, is because of the sin and sickness that is in this world. One of those is poverty. Many evangelicals care deeply about not just bringing people to Jesus Christ, but bringing them up from bottom as well. Many think that they do a better job than any government program can do.
But this article paints the usual picture that evangelical Christians are single-issue voters.
The reality is that evangelical Christians are voters like the rest of us. While they care deeply about the "two issues", it is nowhere near the only reason they vote. They are concerned with many if not all the issues non-evangelical Christian voters care about. The dormant economy. The growing national debt and deficit. The more power that Washington, D. C. is claiming for itself. The standing of the United States in the international community.
So, the point of this article is to make White evangelicals look like they don't care about other issues than abortion and same-sex marriage. That there are some on the left of the political spectrum.
Hey, as I noted, where will there be an article about declining Black Christian support for the Dear Leader, President Obama?
Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. Yup, the crickets are chirping for that one.

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