Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chris Matthews, One Obnoxious Dumb S--t

Oh yeah, the dude that has Hardball on OMNBC, er MSNBC, hosts The Chris Matthews Show, the left's version of the McLaughlin Group is one annoying dumb s--t.
Sorry for the blunt assessment. But the man that said former Alaska governor Sarah Palin couldn't hack it on the game show Jeopardy, well he could not hang at all.
Mr. Matthews should thank Almighty God that he was guaranteed $10,000 for his Charity as his pathetic performance netted a paltry $2,300 dollars.
Over at NewsBusters there is the video link and a literal blow-by-blow display of Mr. Matthews, er, how should I write this.
As a pretty faithful watcher of Jeopardy, let me explain the very basic of the game.
The host, Alex Trebek, gives an answer clue and the contestant must provide the answer in the form of a question.
Well, damn!
Mr. Matthews just did not get it.
Here is an answer clue provided by Mr. Trebek:

"At ____, soldier! Four letters."

And Mr. Matthews shot back:

"At ease, soldier,"

Now, what is wrong with Mr. Matthews answer?
Remember how the answer is to be provided?
In the form of a question.
Mr. Matthews does eventually redeem himself, bless his huge, massive brain:

 "What is 'At ease, soldier?'"

Oops! My bad! I am mistaken. It really is not the correct answer because Mr. Matthews added a word. "At" is already in the provided answer. But, Mr. Trebek and the judges took pity on the befuddled Mr. Matthews and let it go.
Now, keep in mind that Mr. Matthews had this to say about Mrs. Palin back in 2008 regarding her vice-presidential debate with then Sen. Joe The Brain Surgeon Biden:
"Is this [vice presidential debate] about her brain power?... Do you think cute will beat brains?...Do you think she’d do better on the questions on Jeopardy! or the interview they do during a half-time?...My suspicion is that she has the same lack of intellectual curiosity that the President of the United States has right now and that is scary!"

Well Mr. Matthews, you sure did not.
Because it just gets better as Mr. Matthews stumbles along.
Going back to the heady days of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, here is an answer clue Mr. Trebek gave:

"Full name of the U2 pilot shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960."

And the question answer from Mr. Matthews:

"Who is Gary Powers?"

OK, that is part of it. And Mr. Trebek tells Mr. Matthews that he needs the full name. And Mr. Matthews continues to insist that Gary Powers is his full name.
Well too bad for Mr. Matthews because the full name is Francis Gary Powers.
Francis Gary Powers.
And it just gets worse from there.
I suggest reading the full link at NewsBusters for more.
But let me give you another bit of Mr. Matthews dissing the intellect of Mrs. Palin:

They find these empty vessels who know nothing about the world! Nothing about foreign policy! Who immediately begin to spout the neo-con line. I read her book — it’s full of that crap....It’s unbelievable how little this woman knows!...Don’t put her on Jeopardy!”
Chris, Chris, Chris.
Your went on Jeopardy and made an absolute fool of yourself.
Mr. Matthews, do you even actually watch the show? Do you realize you have to provide the answer as a question?!
As I wrote earlier, I watch the show. I get a lot of the question answers. Mrs. RVFTLC thinks that I should try out for the show. I think about it every now and then.
And I watched last night's show and realized, well hell yeah! I could do a better job than Mr. Matthews. Cashew, the Little Guy, could do a better job.
But what this does is show something interesting.
How the left loves to question the intelligence of conservatives and when push comes to shove, it is often in the case of a game show competition that they can show that they are not all that bright.
Could Mrs. Palin have done a better job than Mr. Matthews? I don't know but I think that it is way better than 75/25 she would have.
Remember back in the 1980s we were told constantly by the likes of Mr. Matthews and his boss, the former Speaker of the House, Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill (D-Mass.) how dumb President Reagan was?
And move ahead to the 2000s and how dumb and stupid President George W. Bush was?
And guess what?
We are told how wonderful and brilliant President Clinton was.
How we just do not deserve the likes of the current occupant of the White House, the Dear Leader, President Obama.
Say, where are those high school records of the Dear Leader, President Obama? What about his college records? Have they all just gotten lost?
Knowledge, last I checked, is not based on partisanship and or political ideology. It is about a ability to absorb facts and deliver them. It is a natural curiosity about the world around them. Some have an amazing gift for absorbing and delivering knowledge. Some do not. But, I can assure you that there has not been, until recent years, anything remotely political about one's knowledge and by extension, intellect.
So, when a Leftywhore media maven like Chris Matthews dumps on Sarah Palin and  he ends up on the show he think she can't hang on, and looks like a dumb s--t, well should I say he is just not all that smart?

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