Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Perils Of Being A New Puppy Owner-Again!

For those who are not regular readers of this blog-and really you should be!-below is the newest member of the Right View From The Left Coast family, Cashew.
He is also known as Master Cashew for he is still a puppy.
Sure, Cashew did just turn one year old last week. But he is still considered a pup until about a year and a half to two years old.
And yes, he is almost ready to graduate puppy school.
But he, and your humble blogger have a wee bit more to learn about each other.
For instance, just yesterday morning, literally under my nose, Master Cashew decided, I guess, he was hungry.
But he did not go for some doggie gruel. No, not at all.
Instead, Master Cashew decided to enter The Bunker and proceed to steal a slipper. And this is the end result of that.
I suppose that it could be a new style. One opened-toe slipper and one closed. Hell, from what I see these days, I guess it would not be all that bad. But seriously? Why? I mean, I thought I had this away from Master C. HA! Where there is a nose and something to chew on, there is Master C!
Now I do have a newer pair of slippers and these were a back up. But I kind of liked them. Had them for years. Well, this one I do not totally blame myself. I had this away and he did have to make an effort to find it.
But the hat that I am about to show you, well I take blame for and am more upset by that.
Above is your humble blogger wearing a Hurley hat. It had become one of my favorites. Wore it all the time.
Until last week.
That is when I made a now fatal mistake.
I put my hat on the end of my bed because I was doing something else. I was going to put it on my hat rack in my closet.
I went to do what I had to do. I was still doing it and there was just something nagging at me. That Master C was too quiet and in the RVFTLC bedroom. And not on the bed. But laying on our other dog, Scout the Wonder Dog's bed. And in my horror, with my Hurley hat in his mouth. If he could he would have been smiling at that moment. Yet I was ready to explode at the poor Little Guy. But then I realized that I left it where I should not have. It was my own fault.
This is a better photo of my hat's demise.
When you get a hold of a hat that you like, you want to wear it all the time. And that is what I found with this hat. Mrs. RVFTLC was not a huge fan. Said that it was not my color. But I liked it and that is what counted.
Well, Master Cashew thought enough of my hat that it became a snack of sorts.
These are a couple of examples of what it is like having a puppy around here. We have not had a pup around for 15 years when we got Scout the Wonder Dog.
And yet this is bringing back memories-many not all that good-of when Scout was a puppy. She was a terror even worse than Master Cashew. She barked at everything! She ate everything in sight! She ate the mail that came in our home in a door mail slot. In fact, she ate her big human brother's college graduation certificate. Yes, he was able to get a new one.
But I was 32 back then. I had somewhat better patience than I do now. And yet I did not scream bloody murder at Master C when he did what he did in the two examples I gave in this post.
Could it be that I have developed some patience that I did not think I had? Or do I just accept defeat better? I do not  know.
But I love our Little Guy. He has brought a lot of happiness to the RVFTLC abode. And made Mrs. RVFTLC and I feel a little younger, And even Scout the Wonder Dog seems to have a little extra kick in her step.
Oh, one other thing.
Master C is doing quite well in puppy school. He knows the basic commands and we are diligent in using them as much as we can. He even did a trick before we even knew it was. He does the Commando Crawl. And he needed no training to do it!
So, as Master Cashew is about to graduate puppy school, his human daddy has to learn to put things away so a certain Little Guy does not make it a meal.

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