Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 4/20 Stoner's Christmas 2012 Edition

Last year I wrote about 4/20 and the hidden meaning behind the term.
I gave it the title of the Stoner's Christmas.
Essentially it is the day that advocates to legalize marijuana, basically, spark it up to draw awareness to their cause.
Or in other words, another day of getting stoned only with meaning,.
Instead of writing a whole new piece about the Stoner's Christmas, I will just let you read last year's epic piece.
Fundamentally, the facts are the same.
The Devil's Weed is not completely legal anywhere in the United States.
The so-called "medical marijuana" cottage industry in California is facing, surprise, a backlash from regular folks that don't like seeing "dispensaries" pop up in their neighborhoods and schools.
Many of the advocates still want to legalize because they see a huge tax bonanza. In other words, depending on addicts to feed government addicts. Yeah, that will work really good.
I still favor some decriminalization, but no legalization because it is simply another way the government is looking for cash.
In any case, enjoy the following:

4/20, The Stoner's Christmas

Ahh, today is April 20. In the world of the marijuana smoker, it is known as 4/20. A day to celebrate sparking it up.
It is the day that the stoner world gathers to celebrate the joys of the ganja.
In and of itself, I can care less about what adults do in regards to the consumption of Mary Jane. I do worry about the kiddies getting it and getting hooked. But adults, I do not think if one consumes at home and does nothing like get behind the wheel of a car or anything like that we should bother them.
What does bother me about the legalization crowd is the justification for doing so.
Most prominent is that is will be regulated. And taxed.
It is the fundamental reason I can not support legalizing the ganja.
I do think that we can decriminalize personal use as described above. But legalization for the purposes of another government revenue stream, no thanks.
Any attempt to justify the encroachment of big government, and that is what most advocates do not realize they are doing, is a bad thing.
But here is some amusing things our politicians have said and or maybe not about the Devil's weed.
It is something that we do, as a society, need to deal with. We have to be honest about the fact that for many, marijuana is a gateway drug. That means for many they graduate to stronger and yes dangerous drugs. Much worse than marijuana and alcohol. The dull high of marijuana, the mind-numbing, is OK for some of these people for a while. But they want something more. And stronger. Some go on to cocaine. Others to meth. Some to heroin. Really bad stuff.
Yes, many who toke it up are just wanting to "calm down" and do not even consume adult beverages.
But the other dishonesty from the legalize it now crowd is that marijuana is not a gateway for many. Not all, but enough to not completely legalize the wicked weed.
I do not think that our prisons need to be overloaded with people that consume marijuana for themselves, in the privacy of their own home. And do not go out and drive or work under the influence. But legalizing it will not lead to the outcome the advocates claim. Regulating and taxing marijuana will lead back to the current situation that we have with tobacco.
In the mean time, stoners of the world, unite and have a good time today. Just don't bother me.

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