Monday, April 02, 2012

Romney Will Score Clean Sweep Tomorrow And We Better Get Used To It

Tomorrow at this time, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will sweep the primaries of the day in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Wisconsin.
Yep, you read it here first.
And I think we all better get used to it.
Ninety-eight total delegates are at stake. And all three primaries are winner-take-all. And if Mr. Romney makes the clean sweep, the winds of inevitability will turn into the hurricane of the obvious.
At this point, someone needs to decide between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum who should exit gracefully.
It should be Mr. Gingrich, who has not had a win in weeks.
It probably won't help Mr. Santorum at this point. But it will give conservatives the freedom to vote for Mr. Santorum with no thought of "Gee, maybe I can vote for Newt. You know, to send a message."
Now, I continue to advocate that the race, such as it is, should continue. Not to be difficult or prickly or anything like that.
Because I firmly believe that a coronation is the last thing that Mr. Romney needs now. He needs to be on top of his game. And he needs to get on offense. And that can happen if a candidate like Mr. Santorum can keep him on top of his game.
But the reality is that as solid conservatives like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and others have looked and realized that Mitt Romney is on his way to the nomination.
And tomorrow will continue that train to Tampa and the GOP convention in August.

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