Thursday, April 05, 2012

Gay-Bashing In Iraq-Is This What We Shed Our Blood For

One of my favorite things about the left is how they use their Christian allies to present moral equivalency between fringe Christians and Islamics.
You see, there are a lot of bad Christians out there. Of course they are plotting and planning for another 9/11 style attack, Christian style.
But in regard to Islamics it is always presented as a very, very small fringe that promotes jihad, subjugation of women, absolute intolerance of homosexuals.
And the latter is what I want to focus on.
This post from Reid Smith at The American Spectator highlights a troubling situation in Iraq that, frankly, I had no idea about.
It is, with tacit if not blatant government approval, going after young, suspected homosexuals and killing them.
And just how is it known if the government and or allies are taking care of the young, homosexual problem?
By going after the Emos.
Emos is a all-inclusive term for mostly teenage and or young men that have a certain look. Like a certain kind of music. It is a to be succinct, a subculture.
Below is what a typical "Emo boy" would look like.

OK, not exactly what your humble blogger looks like. Of course it would be really weird for a 47 year-old to look like him. Note that the boy is androgynous-looking. But for all I know, he is with a different gal every night. 

The second photo above is a less androgynous-looking emo. Again, for all I know, he too can be with a different gal every night.
When your humble blogger came of age in the 1980s, I had very long hair and had a definitely  hard-rocker look. And FTR, I have seen the band Motorhead three times and each in or on the edges of the mosh pit.
Many people could not believe that I liked that kind of music-still do-and be such a conservative.
Too me, this all falls under the adage not to judge a book by its cover.
But, no, not in Iraq.
While in this posting, Ralph Reiland highlights that it is the music that is driving the Iraq morality police, AKA the Interior Ministry, to try to root this eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll.
And, this is with homosexuality decriminalized in Iraq.
I wonder what it would be like if it was a criminal act?
But my question is this.
Why I am I finding this information out in a conservative publication? Where is the Leftywhore media on this outrage?
Can you hear the crickets chirping?
I mean, normally this would be right up there under other circumstances, right?
But this would shed light on the homophobia that is rampant throughout the Islamic world.
And that blows a hole in the equivalency narrative.
The reality is, save for a few fringe so-called "Christians" like Fred Phelps and his merry band of whack jobs, by and large homosexuals have and have had much more freedom in the United States than almost any nation in the world with an Islamic majority. In nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia, homosexuality is not just banned but of course punishable by death.
No matter how one feels about homosexuality in the United States, the tolerance for them as people is rising. While I do not support same-sex marriage, I don't think I am going to start throwing bricks hoping to kill same-sex couples.
Again, where is the Leftywhore media on top of this?
There should be.
Because one of the problems in trying to impose our values on a nation that has a religion that is not tolerant is that it does not work. Nation building, in this case, is an abject failure.
We should have completed our military mission and at most get the parties together to figure out their own future. Not to try to impose our Western values.
This is a serious situation because once we completed the military mission, we engaged in nation building. We should not have.
But that aside, we can not stand by and look at what is happening in Iraq as some kind of isolated situation. It is not. And it is based on as simple as a look. Well over 100 people have been killed with tacit government approval and yet we Americans are in a tither over the Trayvon Martin killing. The issue I addressed in that is, once again, how he was apparently dressed in a hoodie.
We should be just as outraged at this going on in Iraq in which it is truly a plot to rid the nation of homosexuals and or people that maybe homosexuals. Whether they are or not.
The Leftywhore media will not bring themselves to publicize this situation in Iraq because it will undermine one of its talking points.
That there are more radical Christians than there are radical Islamics.
At least in the Untied States, the radical Christians just protest. In Iraq, they just seem to kill.

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