Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Sweep For Mitt And Now Let The Campaign Begin

Since Rick Santorum announced he was ending his presidential campaign last week, the message was hat essentially, it is over in the Republican race.
And Mitt Romney proved that tonight with very huge wins in five states including two big ones.
Mr. Romney won in Connecticut, Delaware, New YorkPennsylvania and Rhode Island all the states up for grabs tonight.
Some notes.
Only Rhode Island was a semi-opened primary allowing independents and Republicans to vote. The rest were closed.
Only one of the five states, Pennsylvania, will probably be in play come November. And that is indicated in the number of voters as opposed to the other four states. Pennsylvania had almost 800,000 Republicans participate in the primary. The next state would be the largest of the five, New York and they will be lucky to break 250,000.
Now that Newt Gingrich is vanquished, it is time to hang it up.
What I would love to see is Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum together on the stage with Mr. Romney and offering their whole-hearted endorsement. That would erase any doubts that the key is unity and that the general election campaign can now begin.
Ron Paul, well he is Ron Paul. He will not leave and will force a roll-call vote at the GOP convention in Tampa in August.
I can live with that.
Mr. Romney is zeroing in on the Dear Leader, President Obama, and the failure that is his whole term in office.
Mr. Romney needs to state the obvious and tell us what he will do differently from the Dear Leader, President Obama.
I know a lot of people will rail that Mr. Romney is nothing but Obama-lite.
No he is not where it counts.
Mr. Romney, as I pointed out here, has already talked about merging and eliminating cabinet posts.
He has talked about returning many programs administered by the federal government back to the states.
On foreign policy, it is night and day between these two.
Mr. Romney will not forget that the War Against Islamofascist Terror is nor over. And he will not allow Red Korea to continue developing their nuclear program. Ditto for Iran.
With the primary essentially over, it is time for unity and to set Mr. Romney to victory not only in Tampa in August but across the United States in November.

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