Monday, April 16, 2012

Ahh, If Only People Had The Make Up Of This Dog

I was very moved by this story about two dogs and how one did not leave the other's side even though he was hit by a car and killed.
Now obviously these two dogs somehow had some kind of relationship. Apparently, they were on the street for a time and developed some kind of bond.
I can not think of any other reason why the black Labrador Retriever would have been hovering and protecting the lifeless body of her friend.
But it was a driver passing by that realized something was not right.
The driver stopped and had cones that he put around the two dogs to protect the one that was alive and protecting the dead dog.
Then the authorities took the black Lab to the nearby Baldwin Park animal shelter where the unidentified dog was given the rightful name of Grace.
Now I  know that dogs do not have the same cognition that humans do. Nor do they have the same exact emotions we humans have.
But it is becoming clear that they do know when things are amiss. And it is clear that Grace knew that something bad had happened to her new-found friend. And her natural and possible maternal instinct was to protect her friend. Not completely sure what happened.
Studies have been done in which households with two dogs and one dies show that the still-living dog is looking for their doggie brother or sister. And that they are emotionally detached from the family for a time as they miss their companion.
While it is now known how long Grace or her friend were on the street, it was long enough that Grace was protecting her friend.
I can only think of what a human being would do in such a situation.
So many times, we (and I thoroughly include myself in this) just do not want to get involved. it would be too much trouble. What about the family? What if I have to go to court? A lot of what ifs.
Grace did not have to think and or worry about such things. All she did was make sure that her friend was protected and not quite knowing what was wrong.
While Grace's friend went over the Rainbow Bridge, her story has a happy ending.
It appears that Grace is really Maggie and she has a family.
The family had been looking for Maggie for several days and went to the shelter just as the Good Samaritan was going to adopt her. And that was after many people called the shelter to try to adopt Maggie.
Well, Grace/Maggie is a wonderful story of loyalty that we humans can and should take a lesson from.

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