Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Los Angeles Only SECOND Most Hated City In The United States?!

I am thoroughly amazed that this poll by the left-leaning Public Policy Institute shows Los Angeles as only the SECOND most hated city in the United States.
I guess one can thank God that there is always Detroit to hate even more!
Here is what is weird about this poll.
People were asked their impressions of 21 cities across the United States. None were in Alaska or Hawai'i. And a lot of cities, IMHO, were left off.
Now for the weird part.
A majority of people had a favorable impression of the following cities:

Portland, Oregon
New Orleans
San Francisco

The criteria your humble blogger uses is that 45% or more of respondents have a positive view of the cities above.
I have not thoroughly read the 36 pages of stats, but what I think is driving the opinion is if a city is visitor-friendly.
I mean, New Orleans can not be viewed favorably because of its stellar civic leadership. Or how it responds to disasters. Or corruption.
But why the L. A. hate?
I think that there is a certain amount of jealousy because of our seemingly laid-back lifestyle.
But there is something underlying to this and I believe it is a couple of words.
Celebrity and Hollywood.
And let me throw in the perception that everyone is rich and beautiful.
But as a semi-Angeleno, let me tell you why I hate Los Angeles.
Total, incompetent political leadership.
Led by the slimy mayor, Antonio Villar*, and his disastrous two-terms as mayor of Los Angeles. If anyone thinks that he is the Great Hispanic Hope, please take him away. The latest of imbecilic moves by Mr. Villar is basically passing over $100,000,000 of budgetary debt to the next mayor whoever he or she might be.
Now under Mr. Villar, Los Angeles has the politically-correct police chief of the left's dream in Charlie Beck. Chief Beck, he just wants to push for illegal aliens to have California driver's licenses. Yeah, break the law and for Chief Beck, it should be rewarded with a driver's license.
OK, if you are fortunate to partake in public transportation in the Metro Los Angeles area, good luck.
It is really lousy if you need to actually be to work on time. Many days, buses are either late, do not show up or are stacked two to three behind each other.
And if that is not bad enough, Los Angeles is slowly becoming a city of haves and have-nots and very little in between.
Between tony neighborhoods, gentrification gone wild and middle-class denizens leaving Los Angeles in droves, its tax base is going with it. Without a strong middle-class within the city limits, Los Angeles could be in Detroit territory in my lifetime.
As I say, I reside in Pasadena and we are in many ways a mini-L. A. And that is not good.
All that I mention above is afflicting this city as well.
Those of us that live in this area remember a better time. A time I fear is long gone.
And that will eventually lead to Los Angeles being the MOST hated city in the United States!

*-Villar when he was married merged his now ex-wife and his last name to read as Villaraigosa. He ain't married anymore, I sure as hell am not going to refer to him by a phony name as was his marriage

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