Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Romney's Clean Sweep And Yeah, I Told You So

Tonight former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney moved a lot closer to the GOP presidential nomination with a clean sweep of three primaries in Washington, D. C., Maryland and Wisconsin.
At stake were 98 delegates and all three states are winner-take-all. Thus, according to CNN's count, Mr. Romney now has 640 delegates compared to his closest rival, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum coming in at 264.
Like it or not folks, it appears that Mr. Romney will be on his way to the GOP convention in Tampa in August with the necessary 1,144 delegates to win the nomination.
For whatever reason, Newt Gingrich is apparently staying in the race. He will make it harder to have Mr. Santorum be the single conservative to go against Mr. Romney. Thus while he may not be blowing out what is left in the field, he is on his way to the nomination.
There is no chance that Mr. Santorum will leave the race before the Pennsylvania primary slated for April 24. And he should not.
Win or lose, Mr Santorum can go to Tampa with a slew of delegates and have at the very least influence on the GOP platform. And can make a case to be Mr. Romney's number two.
So, it is time to say it.
Mitt Romney is the GOP presidential nominee apparent.
And now all that are left, Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Paul and Mr. Santorum should focus on the one to beat.
And that is the Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama.
The time for snipping at each other is over. The case needs to be made that the economy is a mess, the United States standing in the world is diminished and that a second term of the Dear Leader, President Obama, will make this Great Land but a third-rate nation. Not the Shinning City on the Hill.
It is time for all conservatives to unite and make this a fight as Mr. Santorum has said for the future of the United States.
And that maybe what GOP voters said tonight in getting Mitt Romney closer to the GOP presidential nomination.

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