Thursday, April 26, 2012

Egypt Fought A Revolution So The Men Can Have Sex With Their Dead Wives?!

I guess so.
According to this article in The Daily Mail, in a slew of Islamic legislation being considered in the Egyptian parliament, one would allow married men to have sex with their wife, or wives depending on how Islamic a man would be, up to six hours after they had died.
But to be fair, women can also do it with their dead husbands as well.
How so modern of them to be considerate of the gals.
The basis for this vile and disgusting proposal is courtesy of an allegedly "learned" imam from Morocco, Zamzami Abdelbari.
According to this article courtesy of The Daily Telegraph, Imam Abdelbari said that necrophilia, which is having sex with the dead, is "halal", which (and I know the Islamists ain't gonna like this comparison) essentially is the Arabic equivalent of kosher. But, halal is broader if you read the Wikipedia link.
Funny though. When I read the Wikipedia link, I don't find the section about schtuping the dead wife.
And what is magical about six hours? Is that when the corpse begins decay? Does the stench of death become kind of noticeable?
Well, again according to the good imam, said male husband, wanting one last bang with the wife can wash the corpse, and then do the deed.
And while Imam Abdelbari says the gals can do the same thing with their dead husband, he can't exactly explain how the gal gets the dead dude excited after the washing.
OK, lets get all the grotesque jokes I know most of you are thinking out of the way here.
I think that Allahpundit over at HotAir is having some doubts about this story. And it may be a good thing if there is something not right about it.
But I don't look at what radical Islamists want to do. No, I look at what they have done.
No more perfect example is what life was like for all under the repressive Taliban regime in Afghanistan pre 9/11/01.
If one thinks that is just an outlier, look at Saudi Arabia in its current form, dominated by-you guessed it-Salafist fundamentalist Islamics. Only the fastest growing Islamic movement in the world.
One of the first things to go in Islamic lands is women's rights.
If Sandra Fluke thinks the government should pay for her contraception, imagine how her life would be in Fundamentalist Islamicland? Let me just say that contraception would be at the bottom of her concerns.
This rise in fundamentalist Islam is why guys like Imam Abdelbari can issue such fatwas and at first, sounds like a morbid joke.
Then some country that is about to go Islamofascist tries to make said fatwa law of the land. Sharia law of the land.
Say, didn't our Dear Leader, President Obama, in selling out the long-time former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak tell all that this was the beginning of the Arab Spring? That all this was about is throwing out a dictator and bringing about freedom and democracy?
If this is what democracy looks like, Islamofascist style, I am ready to bring Mubarak back. Or his equivalent.
The fact that someone claiming there is any religious basis for having sex with the dead is absolutely wicked. That dude, Imam Abdelberi, has some very serious problems.
Yet a nation, Egypt, could very well consider making it government approved.
If this is what the Egyptian revolution was all about, my friends we are really in some very effed up territory.

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