Friday, May 25, 2012

Is The Los Angeles County District Attorney Giving Cover To New Dodger Ownership

By now, most of you have read or heard that there was another fan beating at Dodger Stadium last week involving a minor car fender bender and a four-on-one beating.
Well, the man did escape being beaten a-la Brian Stow, the unfortuante San Francisco Giants fan that was nearly beaten to death last opening day at Dodger Stadium.
Mr. Stow's beating occurred under the ownership of Frank McCourt.
The unidentified victim of the latest beating had his under the new Guggenheim Baseball Management group, being fronted by former Los Angeles Laker great Magic Johnson.
My friend Mr. An Unmarried Man, wrote about this in his own colorful manner.
So what is the difference?
Well, there was little if any security when Mr. Stow was beaten inches of his life.
When the unidentified man was beaten, in front of his wight-month pregnant girlfriend, police came upon the scene rather quickly before it escalated to Brian Stow number two.
One obvious difference is that the two suspects in Mr. Stow's beating are one Hispanic and one Black.
In the case of the unidentified fan, the four suspects are all Hispanic. And the one thing is that the man that does not want to be identified is also Hispanic if you watch this link and notice the Mexican accent.
But here is something interesting.
The Los Angeles county district attorney declined to file felony charges against the four men. The case is being dumped to the Los Angeles city attorney and will be reduced to misdemenor charges. If they even decide to file those charges.
Which leads to my overall question.
Is the real reason no charges being filed to protect the new Dodger ownership?
I do wonder.
When Mr. Stow was beaten, and rightfully so, it exposed some serious flaws in the management of Dodger Stadium.
And improvements have been made especially in regards to overall security.
But here is a situation that, while brought under relativly quick control, puts a dent on new ownership. Makes it appear to many that they do not have a handle on the situation in and around Dodger Stadium.
Well, they may not but this should not have to do with this ownership. After all, they are picking up the pieces that was the McCourt era. And it was not pretty.
Let me explain something about getting in and out of Dodger Stadium.
There is no more beautiful ball park in Major League baseball.
But because when Chavez Ravine, the site where the Crown Jewel of ball parks is, is a hill, well let's just say in a word it sucks for transportation.
Most stadiums are on flat land.
Not Dodger Stadium.
When you are driving around, it does not seem it because it is more or less gradual, but it is tirred parking. And, it is nowhere near close to any freeway.
Thus there is a reason why many fans don't make it until the game starts and leave somewhere around the seventh inning.
It is to escape the crowd of cars.
But it appears that did not happen in this case and there was the fender-bender.
But that does not excuse anyone for taking matters the way these four clowns did.
Yet the county D. A. is giving a pass.
Yes, I do believe that they do not wan to give the new owners any bad publicity.
But there should and must be a zero tollerance for these kind of actions. And the D. A. should have at least filed the charges to show that law enforcement will not tollerate this either.
And should there not be justice for the man that was beaten? Is justice only if one is nearly beaten to death?
Maybe someone should ask both the D. A.'s office and the city attorney's office as well.
If this incident is swept under the rug, then it is nothing more than protecting people that should not be.

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