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The Life Of Julia And A Lot Of Left-Wing Misogyny

Ooh boy!
Team Dear Leader, so desperate to keep the single gal vote, has released this horrible power-point style timeline of the supposed life of a supposed "Julia" under heaven on earth, er Barack Obama's America.
First it is important to take each frame and make some points as to why it is silly.
The first one explains the glory of the Head Start preschool program and it is as follows:

Under President Obama: Julia is enrolled in a Head Start program to help get her ready for school. Because of steps President Obama has taken to improve programs like this one, Julia joins thousands of students across the country who will start kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.

Really, do ALL children need Head Start? Why is it so important to get these kids in preschool? So the government can indoctrinate children?
As an aside, a good friend of mine has her child in a preschool. He has special needs and for him it is probably a good thing. They are Christians. So I tease with her and her brother, my good friend, "So, have they taught your son to hate God yet?" Then I get an eye roll. Then I say, "Wait until they teach him to hate you and what YOU believe!"
When I was in school, not all that long ago, kindergarten was the way most of us acclimated to school life. And it was a transition from the home to school life. Now, because of the push of preschool, kindergarten is all but the 1st grade for many. The fun of it is gone.
And the fundamental question is why does the federal government need to fund such a program? Again, the fact is that not all children need preschool and certainly not funded by a federal government with strings attached.
So we skip, essentially, how Julia has done throughout her mythical school life to when she is 17 years-old and here is another pat-himself-on-the-back from the Dear Leader, President Obama.

Under President Obama: Julia takes the SAT and is on track to start her college applications. Her high school is part of the Race to the Top program, implemented by President Obama. Their new college- and career-ready standards mean Julia can take the classes she needs to do well.

Interesting that the whole Race to the Top is but another part of the so-called "stimulus" scam. But more than that, once again, why is this the purview of the federal government? Why do they have to have a uniform program that in reality does not necessarily meet the needs of certain areas of the country? What about individual school districts? Sounds like really nothing more than a way for school districts to get more money out of Washington, D. C. and damn the consequences.
And to top that, the federal government will help mythical Julia pay for the first semester of college.
Check that.
You and I, actual taxpayers, will help mythical Julia pay for that first semester of college.

Under President Obama: As she prepares for her first semester of college, Julia and her family qualify for President Obama's American Opportunity Tax Credit—worth up to $10,000 over four years. Julia is also one of millions of students who receive a Pell Grant to help put a college education within reach.

Do you want to know why college is so damn expensive?
The above is why.
As long as all college and universities know that they are going to get paid somehow, why not make it a pricey experience to be in college? After all, most students will not owe them any money. They will owe the government that is subsidizing their college years. That is what is so insidious about this.
And while former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum was raked over the coals for questioning if college is for everybody, the reality is that he is correct.
College and university are not for everybody. We do need those contractors, plumbers, tradesmen and tradeswomen, mechanics. Or are these jobs now those that Americans will not do?
No, maybe mythical Julia could go to college, but does she have to? That is a serious question.
And I believe that is an individual decision.
Oh, but while mythical Julia is in college, she needs to have some kind of surgery. It is not explained what kind of surgery, but because mommy and daddy, if there is a daddy, have to keep her on their insurance until she is 26 years-old, no prob!

Under President Obama: During college, Julia undergoes surgery. It is thankfully covered by her insurance due to a provision in health care reform that lets her stay on her parents' coverage until she turns 26.

Psst, let me tell you a little secret.
Most colleges and universities have offered some kind of health services. At least they sure did when I was in college. Since one does not know what kind of surgery mythical Julia had, it could have been covered by catastrophic health coverage that said mythical Julia could have paid for as part of the cost of attending college.
But no! No, poor mythical Julia would actually have to learn a lesson about growing up. That there is no such thing as a free lunch. Being on your parent's health coverage just makes that cost go up. And it is very possible they can lose that coverage, more than likely provided by employers, and be forced to government health care.
The whole family on government health care.
And when mythical Julia gets out of college, she will become a web designer. And darn it, she will be paid same as the boys!
Once again, from The Life of Julia.

Under President Obama: Because of steps like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Julia is one of millions of women across the country who knows she'll always be able to stand up for her right to equal pay. She starts her career as a web designer.

Again, what makes her as qualified as a male to do the same job? What about a male with a vast more array of experience? Should mythical Julia make the same as that male? And mythical Julia spent four years in college to become a web designer? The equal pay for "equal" work is but another scam of the left to make the poor, besieged gals feel more of a victim than I am certain they already are.
And mythical Julia, the web designer, can make sure her student loans are paid and on time, thanks to the Dear Leader, President Obama.

Under President Obama: After graduation, Julia's federal student loans are more manageable since President Obama capped income-based federal student loan payments and kept interest rates low. She makes her payments on time every month, keeping her on track to repay her student loans.

Yet, ironically, what the little blurb does not tell you is that more and more students are defaulting on their loans. And again, mythical Julia really needed four years of college to become a web designer? Would she not be better served going to a technical school and maybe getting a degree sooner? Just askin'.
And mythical Julia, she dosen't have to worry about contraceptives and preventative health care. No ma'am. She can thank the Dear Leader, President Obama, for that as well.

Under President Obama: For the past four years, Julia has worked full-time as a web designer. Thanks to Obamacare, her health insurance is required to cover birth control and preventive care, letting Julia focus on her work rather than worry about her health.

Note what is really important for them to point out.
"Health insurance is required to cover birth control and preventive care."
Yes, birth control is more important to the young gal than so-called preventive care. I do not know about mythical Julia, but I think that most gals I know, and guys, would be more interested in preventive care. Even though there are many studies that essentially point to preventive care as not all that it is cracked up to be. If you think that I am just writing smack, here is from The New England Journal of Medicine, a right-wing outfit if ever there was one.
Well, mythical Julia makes an adult decision. Finally. She decides to have a child. And thank our Lord and Savior, the Dear Leader, President Obama.

Under President Obama: Julia decides to have a child. Throughout her pregnancy, she benefits from maternal checkups, prenatal care, and free screenings under health care reform.

Again, nothing is free. The maternal checkups, prenatal care and "free" screenings are being paid for. Guess who? By you and I. Actual taxpayers. Not that mythical Julia is not at this point. But she wants a child and damnit, someone else needs to take care of these basics of having a child. Oh, also note that it appears mythical Julia is having said child alone. Hey, mythical Julia, maybe if you got married and the mythical husband had health coverage through his employer, or you do through your own job, then the government would not have to offer free services. Again, it is not free. Taxpayers pay for it.
But this, this is one that just is absurd to believe. Unless you are a liberal or socialist.

Under President Obama: Julia starts her own web business. She qualifies for a Small Business Administration loan, giving her the money she needs to invest in her business. President Obama's tax cuts for small businesses like Julia's help her to get started. She's able to hire employees, creating new jobs in her town and helping to grow the local economy.

So, let me get this straight.
A bank or a savings and loan or a credit union can not provide the same loan? Why does she have to turn to the federal government as the first resort rather than the last resort? If she has a solid proposal and plan, any of the above will give her a loan. Well, that is how it used to be done in the free-enterprise system. But not in Barack Obama's America. All government, all the time.
Now that mythical Julia is about to retire, thank God for Social Security, right? Well, that is what we are left to believe.

Under President Obama: Julia retires. After years of contributing to Social Security, she receives monthly benefits that help her retire comfortably, without worrying that she'll run out of savings. This allows her to volunteer at a community garden.

Really? Mythical Julia is going to live off Social Security and never go into her savings?!
The reality is that unless mythical Julia makes investments and prepares to have a retirement income not dependent on Social Security, she will be guranteed to have a crappy retirement and more than likely not be able to volunteer at that community garden.
Oh, and Social Security is on the road to bankrupcy. Just thought I would throw that in there.
I have to write all of this to get to the basic point.
Is this not left-wing misogyny?
Of course it is.
It is, by implication, that mythical Julia can never do anything without the help of the federal government. No schooling, no job, no child birth and or child rearing, no loan unless it is guranteed by the goverment, no retirement unless it is Social Security.
And notice that they keep Julia a single woman throughout this timeline? Why do you think that is?
It is to clearly make her appear independent to the naked eye. Yet every example shows her to be, how can I write this, a helpless waif.
Really? Is that what women really want for their self-esteem? That they can not do anything without the help of an all powerful government? That they are not even capable of maybe, oh I don't know, getting married? Maybe working, maybe not? Maybe the husband could be stay-at-home-daddy. There are truly boundless possibilities for women today.
And most if not all do not need the heavy-hand of the federal government.
It is shameful and yes, mysoginystic to paint any woman in this helpless light.
But, that is the thrust of Team Dear Leader. That only the federal government can help you, poor waif of a gal and or woman.
To the women of the United States, you really deserve to be treated better and with much more respect than this "Life Of Julia".

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