Thursday, May 24, 2012

Say, Why Don't We Photo Shop A Schlong In The Dear Leader's Mouth As Satire, You Know?


Yeah, pretty provocative, isn't it?
I mean, why not photo shop the Dear Leader, President Obama, with a schlong in his mouth? I mean, why pick on female liberals when we could photo shop the occupier of the White House, right?
Is it any worse than what the depraved left, and to be clear the fever-swamps, have done to conservative women?
The latest conservative woman to feel the wrath of the fever-swamp left is columnist and writer for Glenn Beck's The Blaze web news site, S. E. Cupp.
Hustler magazine decided that this is a nice photo shop image to show of a bright, intelligent, articulate conservative woman.
Yup, it is what you can imagine taking out the scribble.
I just love people like the debased degenerate, Larry Flynt. I mean, have a policy disagreement with someone, especially a conservative woman, and this is what passes in his crippled mind as response and discourse.
But remember kids, according to the former president of the United States, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, the act that Miss Cupp is photo shopped doing is not sex at all. Oral sex just does not count.
But lets see, what if that were. . .Mrs. Dear Leader, Michelle Obama? Would it just be "satire" as Mr. Flynt is now saying it was?  And I guess would we conservatives be quiet if that did occur? This conservative would NOT be quiet.
But it is the escalation of "discourse" on the fever-swamp left.
I mean, is it any worse than this from the 2008 presidential campaign worn about then Republican vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin?
Nice look, kids, nice. These two look like they are barely in high school. But hey, its Sarah Palin. Not Dr. Jill Biden. So, its cool.
I suppose that being called a pretty bad name is not all that bad. Considering what happened to the South Carolina governor, Republican Nikki Haley recently.
At a recent picnic, the outgoing president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO decided, hey, what better way to have fun than to have a pinata? OK, no problem. But it was a likeness of Mrs. Haley. And watch here at the link to see the glee Donna Dewitt has in smacking the pinata-likeness of Gov. Haley. And just for better effect, please enjoy a still photo of Miss Dewitt taking a shot at Gov. Haley

Is that not a sweet photo?
Oh, and speaking of which, where are our friends on the left condemning such misogynist acts?
Wait! Wait! Listen.

What, you don't hear anything? I hear a faint.  . .Chirp! . .Chirp! . .Chirp!
Why if I did not know any better, I think it is the sound of crickets chirping.
So, I ask again, what is wrong with our side cooking up a photo of the Dear Leader, President Obama, with a member in his mouth?
Because it does show a total disrespect for the office of the presidency of the United States. And it is a personal attack that I do not advocate and never would.
But hey, the left sees no problem in that. You know, disrespecting the office when the wrong person is in there.
Take former President George W. Bush. Everything was thrown at him. And some were very tasteless, such as this

Yup, that is really classy.
But when it is a conservative and or a Republican, it is satire, right?
No, none of it is.
This kind of stuff is why a lot of people hate politics. Many opt out of voting completely. Because while there are serious issues to deal with, people resort to the bizarre and depraved. Especially if they are losing the argument.
But, while the left rants about a "War On Women" allegedly by conservatives, what about this real assault on women by liberal misogynists?
What?! Well if one is a liberal, and a man, how can he be a misogynist?
Folks, look at what I showed you above. That is liberal men and women degrading other women because they do not play the left's game of victim hood.
Well, FTR, I do not seriously advocate and would condemn anything done to disrespect the Dear Leader, President Obama, in anything like the manner I described above
To win we conservatives must win the war of ideas.
But I do wonder, how many are going to write about some blogger wanting to photo shop the president with schlong in mouth and not read this whole post.


Amy said...

While there have been plenty of filthy sexual remarks directed at Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, et al. (e.g. el Rushbaugh), they tend not to get the same sort of airplay or media acceptance as attacks on right-wing women, and aren't nearly as filthy. As much as I love to play devil's advocate, I can't argue with the overall point!

Righty64 said...

Hmm, I think we on the conservative side are much better at policing those who stray into degenerateland. Some of Rush's comments have been taken out of context or yeah, stupidly said. That is the difference between the sides. At the end I think that those who reach for the gutter from the get-go have already lost the discussion.