Wednesday, May 16, 2012

North Carolina, That "Swing" State Swinging Right

For some reason, North Carolina has been deemed by the compliant Obamawhore media, and to be fair, some on the conservative side as a swing state this election cycle.
I suppose when the Dear Leader, President Obama, did win North Carolina by the rip-roaring margin of 0.3 percent in 2008, it would be easy to categorize as such. And the state does have a Democrat governor in Beverly Perdue.
But a funny thing has happened in North Carolina since 2008.
It has swung to the right and with a vengeance.
In 2010, the infamous mid-term election, the state senate went into Republican hands. Before the election, the state senate was 30 Democrat, 29 Republican. WHOOPS! After the election, it went to 19 Democrat, 31 Republican. OUCH! And lower house went from 68 Democrat to 52 Republican to the new number of 52 Democrat to 67 Republican and one independent.
One would contend a total reversal of Democrat control, right?
Somehow, the Democrat party bought into the notion that their party was on the rise in North Carolina and chose the state's largest city, Charlotte, to host the Democrat National Convention this time around.
The reward for that?
Of course the now infamous vote on same-sex marriage in which 61% of voters said should be recognized as being between one man and one woman.
And the Democrat implosion is now about to be complete as the latest Rasmussen poll for North Carolina shows the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, with an eight percentage point lead. As Ed Morrissey correctly points out, this will probably take North Carolina off the so-called swing state map and into solid Republican territory.
Oh, another aspect of this poll is that Mr. Romney has 51% of those polled. That is a high number this early out. And Mr. Romney is not even the official nominee as yet. And note that this is among likely voters. So this is a pretty accurate read at this point.
And yes, I think this takes North Carolina out of the Democrat column.
The question then becomes how many other states the Dear Leader, President Obama, won in 2008 that former President George W. Bush won go back to the Republican column?
A safe projection at this point is this.
Indiana will go back to the GOP. So will the following states (with the electoral votes for each state):
Colorado 9
Florida 29
Iowa 6
New Hampshire 4
New Mexico 5
When you figure the 11 electoral votes for Indiana and the 15 for North Carolina, these states have a combined electoral vote total of 79.
And all of that takes the Dear Leader, President Obama, down from his 359 electoral vote total in 2008 to 280 this time around.
At some point, it may become more of what Democrat state can Mr. Romney take away rather than the other way around.
But so far, North Carolina is really no longer a swing state but a getting safer Republican state. And that has to hurt the Democrats across the board.

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